30 Days of Loli: 10 Things from my Wishlist

Aloooooha, Darlings!

This is your Dir-en-grey-obsessed, Merlot-drinking author, Cherie!

I'm starting to wonder if this 30 Day Lolita Challenge is meant to be done consecutively in days back-to-back, because honestly, it is looking a little obsessive haha.

But there have been some positive side effects of looking at my blog more. For one thing, I've deleted some irrelevant entries and cleaned up tags, and also added a handy-dandy Tag List in the side bar. Now by referencing those links, you can see My Coordinates, Event Reports, Live Reports (concerts), and more.

I am actually a little behind on Concert reports, with two big shows to tell you about. The first was a 5-man live at Takadanobaba Area, which included Kaya, Lycaon, Cocklobin, Ambergris, and Art Cube. The second was a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert here at the Waikiki Shell. Hopefully I can get those up soon, maybe on a day I feel like taking a break from this meme.

Today's theme errs on the materialistic side... 10 Things From My Wishlist!

Some things are specific, others not so much. I haven't lusted after a particular print in a long time, so that has something to do with it.

Anyways, let's get started!

1. "That" Beauty:Beast Bag

I have no idea what it's called, I only know that it is made by the Japanese brand beauty:beast. I've tracked it down on Y!J Auctions, Mbok and reference pictures on Poupee Girl, but have never snagged one for myself.

It's basically a fancy messenger bag, with all of those belted pockets in the front.

I always loved the gothic, but refined design, but bumped it to the top of my wishlist when I saw Kyo from Dir en grey carrying one in an old Kera Street Snap.

Can you believe that's Kyo? 

The bag comes in several colours and embossments, but I think my favourites are the plain black or red.

2. Metamorphose's Hospitality Doll and Engelsbeginn Sets

I've always been a sucker for Metamorphose's "Hospitality Doll"/Nurse sets, and even owned the pink one a few years ago. Unfortunately I fell on financial issues and had to auction it off, but oh how I wish I still had it. If I had a redeemable coupon for any one Lolita set, that would be it. I hope to someday collect the matching agenda covers, shoes, makeup bags and purses that go with it.

3. A long, bustled Atelier Pierrot Jsk.

I fell in love with Atelier's long white Jsk while I was planning my wedding. Originally, I was going to have a Lolita themed after party with this dress, but it kept slipping through my fingers. I'd still hope to own this dress one day for a vow renewal, or maybe in red, black, or blue just for anytime use.

4. A floor-length/long black corset skirt.

In the style of Excentrique or Atelier Pierrot... the perfect staple to a gothic wardrobe I have yet to acquire.

5. A Triple Fortune Bonnet

Though I've learned to make hard bonnets myself, you just can't top the extravagance of a Triple Fortune Bonnet!

6. Metamorphose's "Dolly Crown" Velveteen Jsk in green.

I love this colour, this cut, this embroidery... I love everything about this dress, but only in that exquisite and rare emerald hue.

7. Innocent World's Rose Panel Jsk

This has been on my wish list for a very long time, but I never come across it. I did find it once while I was in Japan, but it was in awful condition as if it had been run through a washing machine several times. :/ So sadly, the search continues.

8. Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Trianon OP

How long have I pined for this dress?? Probably as long as it is old, haha. As a chiffon addict, and a fan of long sleeves, I simply need this.

9. Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Charlotte Baniran Jsk in Red

I just adore how Princessy and classy this Jsk is. I also love red (and jewel tones in general) in Lolita. Plus, dem pintucks!!

10. Anything dramatic.

I love things that are refined, but unusual. Whether it's a classy pair of heels encrusted in gold glitter, or a solid colour Jsk with tons of pintucks, I love things which speak to their own quality. I'm not such a big fan of prints or patterns, unless they're leopard print, stripes, polkadots, or kimono prints. As for spinning fairy wonderland cupcakes, eh, you won't have to fight me off of that at an auction.

I love rich, decadent and unique clothing that I can use in several different ways. That's why, if you ever see my real wish list, it's overflowing with simple but sophisticated pieces by Excentrique and Atelier Pierrot. 

As for J-brands outside of Lolita, I also love Qutie Frash, Ozz-On, and Takuya Angel. 

That's all for now, shopaholics. ;)

Xoxo, slightly tipsy wine connoisseur Cherie.  

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