Hawaii Lolita: Annual Spring Meet-up at Cream Pot

It has become a tradition for the Hawaii Lolitas to meet up once a year, in the Spring at the popular breakfast/brunch and cafe Cream Pot in Waikiki. It has become a popular spot for our Lolita scene, as well as out-of-state Lolita celebrities such as Midori and Misako. 

Midori and Reika outside Cream Pot; photo courtesy of Midori's blog, here. 
Last year, I mixed things up in a Shironuri style rather than Lolita. This time I decided to stick with the Lolita theme, but since I had nothing Springy to wear besides an overused Baby dress, I decided to make myself an outfit.

Using some gingham fabric I had lying around, I fashioned myself a skirt and babushka. Though I originally planned to make a bonnet, I thought, "wouldn't a babushka be so much cuter?" And it really was! I'm very happy with it. With my pink blouse and Atelier Pierrot apron, it was just right.

I sported very soft, natural makeup with it, for a light, airy look. I used Too Faced's "No Makeup Makeup" palette, which is my new favourite toy in my makeup box!

The Lolitas all had a pleasant lunch. We also had a visiting Lolita from California, so that was fun to meet her and chat with her! 

And after… we all went to Purikura at Funpix! We barely all managed to squeeze in a booth with our poof!

And some more, with my Lolita buddies. :3

It was such a fun day. I love it when all of us can get together! It does not happen very often, as we all lead crazy busy lives. Simple things like wearing out my creations, visiting friends over brunch and taking pictures together are just some of my favourite things to do.

As Misako would say, Happy Loli Day!