LBC: 5 Themed Meetup Ideas

Meetups are arguably the core of Lolita culture... gathering with your lolita friends, coordinating outfits together, and heading out to do something decidedly "Lolita". It can be visiting a new cafe, or a more physical outing, like exploring a zoo. 

This week in the Lolita Carnival, we'll be sharing ideas for 5 Meetups. 

My first suggestion is actually counter-intuitive to most lolitas, dare I say, blasphemous.

But what the heck.


YES. Break out the brand cat ears you've been dying to wear, or that ridiculous bonnet with long floppy bunny ears. Dig out the furry bear eared headdress you've been shoving into the shadows of your drawer, because you know what? It's cute as hell. You know you want to wear it, but fear the taunts of "cosplay". 

But I say, for one day, loosen up. ^^ Or should I say... GO WILD! 

Go on a nature trail, or public garden if you have any in your area. If you're worried about the terrain, how about a Nature Reserve? There was a lovely one I visited in Washington state called the Bloedel Reserve, with a sprawling lawn, elegant lake and a Victorian manor. 

Also, you don't have to wear something costume-y to participate. An "animal" theme is as open ended as you make it. And if you look around, there's plenty of pretty, inexpensive things you can buy or make to transform an outfit.

Take this cat-eared veil I found on Etsy, for instance...


It seems easy to recreate, with some tulle and wire. ^^

Or who says you have to be a mammal? If you're more into elegant butterflies or birds, that would be lovely too. 

2.) Cooking Mama

I love to bake... mostly because I can't cook anything except dessert, haha! So I think it would be really fun to have everyone show off their own cooking or baking skills, and have a cooking meet-up. (To save your clothes during preparation, this may be best completed pot-luck style.)

Or, if you can't bake or cook, buy something and bring it. :) Then dress the part of the chef and try to convince everyone you made it. 

Have everyone come in their baker's best... or by that I mean, take a regular lolita coord and add an apron. Because really, when else do we get to wear those things? It's also a great opportunity to break out your maid-themed coords, if you have any! 

If you're one of the fortunate few, maybe you live near a place where you can go and cook your own entree. While I was in Japan, I saw a restaurant where you pay a professional to teach you how to cook. They provide the gourmet ingredients and guide you and your guest through the entire process. Not only is it delicious, but you get the self-fulfilment of making your own delicious meal!

Or, there was a bakery I went to in Washington called Bella Bella Cupcakes. They offered a party where the guests made their own signature cupcake batter, combining whatever flavours they wanted. Supplies were provided by the bakery. Then when you were done, the bakers baked your cupcakes, and brought them out for you to decorate. ... who cares if it was a kid's party package, doesn't it sound like fun?!

Do some research and see if there is anything like that in your area! 

3.) Karaoke

Because. Whenever I go out in lolita. I'm usually going to karaoke.

A Hello Kitty karaoke room I rented with my friend in Tokyo.
No, but really! Karaoke is a great ice breaker, and an ice maker... since we never get to wear cute Lolita coats in Hawaii, we once had a "Winter Karaoke" meet up, where we wore our winter lolita gear to the private karaoke room, then cranked up the air conditioning on full blast. And of course, you can sing Christmas carols while you do this. ;D

Many people are scared to go, because they think it's "horrible and embarrassing"... and you know, I used to think so too. Until I went with about three thousand Japanese people. xD 

One of my good friends was in a band, and would just go wild at karaoke, yelling into the mic, kicking chairs, jumping, dancing, head banging... and even though he was great, his voice cracks too. And he'd sing duets with the worst of us, myself included. 

It's just about having fun. No one is an expert, and that's not what we're expecting. If everyone is worried about outdoing each other, you're going with the wrong people, haha.

My point is, have a karaoke lolita meet-up, you won't regret it!

4.) ... You know, I think I spent all my energy on the first idea, haha!



On Metamorphose's website there is a world map, tagged with customers from all over the globe.

From Metamorphose's Go! Go! Lolita Chan!

Ever since I started lolita back in 2007, I remember this map on the site. So that is where I got the inspiration... Everybody comes dressed as a different country!

Deep reds and greens for Italy, Red White and Blue with star accessories for America, Marie Antoinette for France, that kimono Jsk from Meta you never get to wear for Japan!

This meet can hit the street at an event where you're sure to be street snapped, or maybe take it to a show, like the theatre, ballet or a circus. 

5.) A Masquerade

Going out at night is just as fun, if not more fun than going out in the day! And with a theme like "Masquerade", your options are endless. 

Guests should be encouraged to create or modify their own masquerade mask to match their outfit. Maybe you could have a contest, for most original, best over all, and so on! 

Possible events for this theme could be Art After Dark, First Friday, concerts, art openings, holidays such as New Years and Halloween... 

No matter what the meet up or the theme, I've always believed it's the people, not what you do, that make the experience. So no matter how fun or simple your meet-up idea is, enjoy the time with your friends and getting to know new people over all.

I hope someday I get to go to a meet-up with all of my darlings! I'll make you all wear animal ears and dress like countries and sing karaoke, muwahaha.

xoxo, Slightly Sadistic Cherie 

This week's participants:

Standing at Attention

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and seeing as I'm exhausted and at a loss for words this week, I felt a photo spam was in order.

Lately I've been all over military and uniform styles in lolita.

Textiles with texture, tailored frames and separates, charming hats and functional bags, boots and platform shoes are all staples in this style.

In the past year I've collected two dresses in this style, and I wear them all the time! I especially love my "Saint Helena" Jsk by Alice and the pirates, with its brass details and adorable low-waist belt.

I like to wear it with boots, and my matching navy blue beret. One day I'd like to wear it with a big jabot blouse and a waist coat worthy of a general.

There is also my Putumayo Jsk, which I used in my last entry, attempting the Wardrobe challenge. This one is more navy or school uniform inspired. It's also a good option if you prefer sweet over gothic, because the detachable bow and double-frill skirt give it a more playful side. 

Whether it's inspired by the armed service or the school yard, you have to agree, everyone loves a girl in uniform. 

My favourite site for Military Loli inspiration is Flasco! I recommend browsing their blog and photos for ideas, if you like this style.

xoxo, Loli Lieutenant Cherie

LBC: A Loli's Day in Hawaii

It's no secret that we all lead very different lives. Mine happens to be insanely busy.

This week's Carnival theme was "A Lolita's Day in Pictures", and unfortunately for me, it was a school day. xD So at risk of ruining the image you have of me, here is my submission.

I like to hope you think of me as a creative and edgy person who always looks stylish, rather than a college student working on her driver's license and scarfing down Subway between classes, but hey, what can we do.

Also, you'd think living in Hawaii, this post would read something like "I awoke to a gentle sunrise and the peals of dolphin laughter, stretching out of my hammock where I fell asleep outside my grass shack..." No. Sorry. xD

I awoke at about 5 AM to the violent vibration of my cellphone, which never leaves my side. The crackling air conditioner overhead is the next thing I hear, and it sounds kind of like money burning.

Then I proceed through the usual formalities, of hiding anything that naturally occurs on a woman (Iron your bangs! Pluck that stray eyebrow hair! Conceal everything!). Then I carefully pack and prepare clothing and supplies for the evening ahead, a dance and entertainment event called "Thank God for Vampires".

Unfortunately, lolita, shoes, wigs and makeup are heavy, and lucky me, I have classes all day first. So by the time I'm ready to head out my load looks like:

Once that's done, it's time to drive. I hop into my vehicle of choice, "Blue Rose"...

... plug in my iPod, and hit the road. The morning soundtrack was a mutually agreeable choice of ONE OK ROCK on shuffle, much to my uncle's relief. 

I go through the morning classes, lugging the weight of my double life up and down stairs, back and forth across campus. Three classes and a can of Monster energy drink later, I find myself in the sanctuary of my favourite part of the day... a sacred lunch hour!

And of course, what do lolitas eat for lunch? Surely they dine only on parfaits and bear-shaped macaroons, like the tales of my outings in Japan. And what else to wash down those sweets, but tea and lattes served in fine china?

And surely, I ate on the pristine Hawaiian beach?

Ahaha, no, there is nothing cute about what I ate. In fact it is probably the least lady-like lunch, except for the fact it was vegetarian. You could say, it was a salad between two giant croutons.

Yes. In spite of the low-carb diet I say I'm on, I succumbed to the call of a Veggie sub. :P 

And about dining on the beach, no. The only sea by my campus is the sea of butt-emblazoned sweatpants walking around outside. 

Sure enough, my lunch hour passes before I know it...

And it's time for my last class of the day, where of course, I take thorough and diligent notes.

AT LONG LAST, classes have ended, and I rush back to the cafe area to meet with a dear friend. She is a Journalism student and, funnily enough, she wanted to interview me about the Lolita community in Hawaii.

If we were going to talk about Lolita, it was going to be over some kind of cute food damn it. Or actually, that's just an excuse. The truth is I'm addicted to the frozen yogurt shop by my campus and go just about every day and not even an interview was going to stop me. xD 

Pineapple frozen yogurt with lychee boba, strawberries and kiwi. 

I mean, low carb diet!!

You are probably wondering when I will get to the Lolita part. Well hold your horses, because it turns out, I didn't even have all of my outfit packed. Not only did I forget tights, but I also left home without lashes, lash glue or circle lenses. So that means... TO THE MALL!

Ala Moana mall is actually a pretty cool place to hang out. It is mostly out doors and they keep it very clean. Not to mention, there are cool stores there like Shirokiya, and Q-pot. But actually, I just like to look at the fish in the giant outdoor ponds, which flow down stream throughout the mall. 

After my mad dash to finish my outfit, I rush back to campus and hijack the biggest air-conditioned bathroom for preparation. A bit of cursing and a magical girl transformation later, I emerge somewhat successfully in my Atelier Pierrot outfit.

After that, it was a relatively stress-free night of hanging out with friends, and enjoying good music at The Venue. My good friend Alice Demize also came in Atelier, so we were matching! 

And well, now you know my secret, that I am actually a totally normal and boring person. xD But enough about that, how did everyone else spend their Lolita Day? Let's go under the tent and take a look-see...

xoxo, Cherie.

PS... if you can find all the Tiger & Bunny things, you're my new best friend! xD

You can compare with my "Lolita's Day in Nagoya", written about a year ago, here

LBC: What's on your Lolita Playlist?

And a whole whopping day late, here is my entry to the Lolita Blog Carnival this week!

Do you feel the music you listen to is connected to how you dress? I've always believed this and found deep inspiration from the music I listen to. The feeling it creates inside can be reflected in how you dress; or maybe you're the opposite, and listen to music to create an atmosphere around you to reflect your clothing.

No matter what, music and fashion seem to go hand in hand, which is why this week's theme is: What's on your Lolita Playlist?

I had two issues writing this prompt: first, I am always listening to music. I even listen to heavier music while in lolita. Second, typically "lolita" music is dominated by two things: bright bubbly melodies and saccharine sweet female vocals, and I like neither.

So, I tried my best to pick examples from my library that represent my own style, and hopefully give you the final sense of lolita.

#1. Kokusyoku Sumire

This duet team is, arguably, an acquired taste. Not everyone likes the operatic vocals or folksy violin. However I find their music enchanting, with the same quality as Grimm's Fairy Tales. You can see this reflected, in their website bio:

The Kokusyoku Sumire Tale,  The Kingdom of Fairy Tales - a small world that exists in everyone's heart. This is where Kokusyoku Sumire was born. The Kokusyoku Sumire girls appear in moments like when you open the lid of a childhood treasure box...along with the shiny jewels within. The girls tell many tales with beautiful melodies: They tell of a young crusader at sea, a young boy falling in love with the moon, an elegant afternoon enjoyed by little ladies, and even the scary story of the Little Red Riding Hood at times. But whatever the tale, they will always bring your spirit up by the end of it. So, close your eyes and look inside your heart. See, the girls are right there smiling next to you!

 My favourites in particular are "Gekko Renka" ("Moonlight Love Song") and "Akai Kutsu Syndrome" (Red Shoes Syndrome).

#2. Dolly

Though I always loved their style, I wasn't in love with Dolly until I attended their "Iris in Wonderland" live this year. Their style ranges from rock to dance, with that distinct visual kei flavour thrown in. Their new album "Toroimerai" features songs with more fairy tale references, such as "Mother Goose", and another ode to the red shoes tale, "Akai Kutsu to eri". 

My favourite for lolita days though, is "Gothic Party". It has an old world carnival feel, with the modern jrock twist. It's often stuck in my head! "Nijiiro no kanaria" ("Rainbow Canary") is also really catchy!

#3. Aural Vampire

Another group I wasn't sold on, until I saw them live in Hawaii a few years ago (back before the Pipeline Cafe was closed down). My friends and I were the first to arrive at the venue, hours before the show. Much to our surprise, no one else was early for the show. While we waited outside in lolita, we heard them doing a sound check, so went into the lobby to enjoy the a/c and try and catch a glimpse of the female vocalist, Exochika. Unfortunately the staff kicked us out. But a few songs later, Exochika herself came out to say hi to us, and took her picture with us on her phone. That made the wait worth all the while!

Not only are Exochika and Raveman's wardrobe amazing, but their songs stick in your head. If I were ever to host a gothic lolita fashion show, the models would walk to Aural Vampire.

My personal favourites are "Freeeeze!!", "Darkwave Surfer", and "Hot Blood Workout". 

#4. Malice Mizer

I KNOW I KNOW. You saw that coming thirty miles away on a flat stretch of desert. 

But you can't deny it... whether the vocalist is Klaha or Gackt, be they in suits or in ten-foot-wide black angel wings, they demand your attention and transport you to another realm. The classic "Gekka no yasoukyoku" ("Moonlight Nocturne") throws you into a gothic love story with dark foreboding beneath the melody. "Illuminati" gives you a totally different gothic flavour, and "Beast of Blood is deeper and heavier, but still lovely. 

It may be a bias, but one of my favourite songs is "Ma Cherie". :P

#5. Ali Project

Not only has the vocalist, Arika Takarano written for the Gothic & Lolita Bible, but she's also well known for her operatic voice, made famous for many anime opening and closing themes. I love her for her incredible stage wardrobe, surprisingly dark and sinister lyrics, ("Kneel down and lick my feet"; "What in the hell is sin anyway?") and the dramatic stories told through her music videos. 

I hate linking to Youtube videos because they don't last forever, if you watch one Ali Project video, I'd recommend this one:

It is my aesthetic in every way, haha! I really love it. 

xoxo, Cherie

Here are the other Lolita DJs spinning under the tent this week:

October in a nutshell

Last month was full if events, and as we enter the twilight of the year, I can hardly wait to kick up my feet, enjoy the holidays and take a breather. 

Of course, my school work and ambitions aren't going to let me do that. But lazy afternoons like today, when I can lay on the floor with my laptop with "Cupcake Wars" babbling in the background are just enough to charge my batteries. Here's some of the things I've spent battery power on this month, getting active in the lolita and cosplay community of Hawaii. 

Miss Vamp Hawaii. I competed on October 12th in the 3rd annual Miss Vamp Hawaii Beauty Pageant. 

Though I didn't win, I found a new sense of confidence from the whole experience. I proved to myself that I can do things out of my comfort zone if I set my mind to it. Plus I made a lot of connections with photographers, entertainers, business owners and journalists, as well as countless new friends. I don't know if I'd compete again next year, but I don't regret trying!

Thank you to all my friends who came out and cheered me on, supporting me through my nerves and shakes! You made me feel like I could do it, and that made all the difference.

Also, thank you to Emismile photos and Lillikoi Photography, for helping me build my portfolio and taking stunning photos for the competition.

I am the white haired loli in harlequin tights!

HEX-con: Atelier Pierrot and Animaid Cafe.

The following weekend was HEX-con, Hawaii's Entertainment Expo. It is a conglomo-con featuring anime, Japanese music, scifi, fantasy, American comics and gaming. 

Day one I worked at Animaid Hawaii, the sponsoring Maid Cafe this year. There was a bit of a time constraint the first night, but I had fun passing out Halloween candy to con-goers, served a table of Macross cosplayers, and staffed the One Piece event.

Day two was the Atelier Pierrot Fashion show. I was supposed to work the maid cafe after I had my makeup done for Atelier, but ended up translating for the designer Ashizawa-san all day! I even translated her introduction for her on stage before the show. Having her pick my outfit, chat with me and spend the day with me was one of the coolest experiences I've ever had!! 

The designer picked a strapless black corset jsk for me, with elbow length lacy gloves, a black bonnet with red roses, and black and red diamond harlequin tights. I felt like a gothic doll! 

All the models with Ashizawa-san. I'm in the back with the bonnet. Photo courtesy of my friend, Chris.
As soon as the Atelier pop-up boutique was open, I ran over in hopes of getting my dream dress, the Eden jsk in green. Since I was one of the first ones there, I snagged it! I couldn't be happier, I have been pining for this dress since the first time I saw it. Not to mention, it's sold out every where!

Yesterday, of course, was Halloween. Since I've been dressing up a lot this month, I took a breather and opted for a sort-of vkei devil instead.

I didn't go to Waikiki, but went to a friend's house instead, for one of the best Halloween parties ever. We had so much fun laughing, eating, and playing entertaining games the host came up with. 

The table was lit with candles and he switched out photos around the house with gothic portraits of Mana, Kamijo, and pictures from our lolita outings. Before tea, we turned off the lights and watched the Halloween Junky Orchestra "Halloween Party" music video by candle light.

Now, I am dead tired. xD I'm sorry I haven't been on the ball with the last few LBC prompts, but I'm gonna get back on it. So stay tuned!

xoxo, Cherie