Vampire Forest Jsk

On another note, a package came from Japan today! It arrived while I was on campus, so I had to pick it up at the post office...

It is so nice... the cut is flattering. The lace and materials are beautiful. The blue color is rich and blends well with purple roses and hints of silvery blue.

The fabric is much thicker than Sleeping Beauty was, I am so happy about that! I wonder if that's because Vampire Forest was released in late fall, and Sleeping Beauty was released in Spring...

Q-pot Choco-letters

I get spoiled living in Hawaii... Japanese publications, imports and media are everywhere.

One of the coolest things about living here is the Ala Moana Q-pot store. It opened in about August of last year. They hold all kinds of events, like Halloween Costume Contests, visits from the designer Tadaaki Wakamatsu, and the store is usually decorated to reflect the season. (Right now the shop is still decorated for Valentine's Day, so cute!)

The jewelry is kept in pastry cases. In the front, the lamps on the ceiling are shaped like milk pitchers. In the back show room, a chandelier made of forks and spoons sheds soft light on the chocolate brown walls, making the candied treasures glitter. The friendly staff is always eager to assist... I feel like a Princess when I visit them.

There are seasonal pieces, such as last year's Snow Globe necklace in winter, and this year's Valentines Day Melty Chocolate series.

I saw the Melty Chocolate stationery set online a few weeks ago, so went to the store to get it. Unfortunately, it wasn't even for sale yet when I got there! But the staff took my name and number, and gave me a call as soon as it was available.

I picked it up a few days ago (for a reasonable price of $17, including tax). 

The set comes with 5 envelopes, lots of adorable paper, and the same gold sticker seals they use on their shopping bags.

I hope my penpals have a sweet tooth!

PS- Do you like my Q-pot Macaron Ring?

Blooming Garden Jsk

Meta Madness has claimed me once again- and another member of my closet. This week I traded a Moitie Jsk for Meta's highwaist Blooming Garden Jsk, in the ivory color way. If it were any other color I'd have said no, but the brilliant blue in this print had me at 'bonjour'.

To be honest, the stock photos for this piece were underwhelming at best... it makes it look flat, white and starchy. In person, it's delicate, rich, and gorgeous. For one thing, it's not boring-old-white at all! The base color is rich ivory with honey-cream vertical pinstripes.

A majestic manor with iron gates wraps around the border of the skirt, in the distance beyond a sage and ivy colored garden. Boughs of blue and periwinkle roses bunch and drape to frame cafe tables and fountains overflowing with honey. The top half of the skirt and bodice is printed with 'floating' blue bows, rose blooms, and "Metamorphose" written in cursive blue ribbon.

I had tried it on with all cream before, but wanted to see how it would look with black. I wonder if it is too overwhelming?

Hospitality Doll Set

After about a year of 'hunting', I finally got my hands on the Pink OP from Hospitality Doll (2003).

The waist ties are detachable, and the white lace has crosses embroidered on it. There's matching bloomers too!

The seller also had the brooch and ring, still new with tags in their packaging.

I'm sure you're wondering, how I was lucky enough to snag the set in such great condition.

I was searching for images for 'research' on Hospitality Doll, and followed a link through to a dated sales post on Livejournal. There were ancient comments inquiring on the set, but from the looks of it, no one committed to a sale. For the hell of it, I left a comment asking if it was available... I couldn't believe my eyes when the seller responded, that it had never been sold!

That was how it finally came into my life. I adore it, but a word to the wise- it's extremely short! My KKJJ petticoat peeks for about an inch under the lace hem.

I want to make a giant syringe prop. I'll start with a nurse headdress though.

Honey Picnic Lucky Pack

The "Honey Picnic" Lucky pack set from Metamorphose arrived!

This pack was not available to customers in Japan, only overseas shoppers.

Surprisingly, it was my first time ordering directly from Metamorphose. I placed my order on New Year's Day, my package was shipped on January 4th, and it arrived on my doorstep January 6th. Fastest shipping I've ever had!

It was my first lucky pack, so I tore into it faster than I could take climactic pictures. But here are the contents!