LBC: Top 3 Wishlist Items

It has been a long time since I joined the gathering under the Lolita Big Top, for the Lolita Blog Carnival. (Or maybe it just feels like a long time.)

Truth be told, I'm not up to date on anything Lolita at all. My friends know when all the new releases and re-releases are, and I'm just sitting around enjoying the dresses I have. Is that a bad thing? No, I don't think so. I haven't pined for a dream dress in a long time. Though there are brands I would love to just amass a collection from, such as Atelier Pierrot.

Thus, this week's challenge topic was a bit of a head scratcher for me... "Top 3 Wishlist Items". Let's take a look at what I've been dying for.

First of all, this isn't even a lolita item is it? But it is currently my dream item. It's an asymmetrical coat by Mint Neko. It jumped out at me when I browsed the webshop, and I choked a bit at the price tag, approaching $400. But then I saw the coat in person, when I modelled for Mint at Kawaiikon. It was so gorgeous and detailed, it has hung in my mind ever since. If I received a mysterious credit card from a benefactor/sugar daddy that said "Go get some clothes", this is the first thing I'd hunt down. 

Next thing on my wish list is... this entire h.Naoto BLOOD coordinate. It's been haunting my dreams since I first saw the photos. Alternatively, I've been pining for a long gothic lolita ensemble in general, a  la Atelier Pierrot. 

I suppose last, but not least... because I feel required to post something actually Lolita, haha...

... is this dress! Like I said, I haven't been following Lolita lately, but I saw this dress somewhere and immediately saved the picture. I adore red in Lolita, and think this dress is so precious and princessy. I would love to dress up like Snow White and wear this with my red enamel Metamorphose shoes. Unfortunately, I think it is sold out in this colour way, according to a friend who helped me look for it. Sigh, that's my luck. 

Other things on my must have wish list, that aren't necessarily Lolita...

1. A Takuya Angel Scouter!! I have always, always wanted one of these. One of the first books I ever bought as a teenager on Tokyo Street Fashion had a photo of someone wearing a scouter in it, and I have wanted one ever since.

2. A Qutie Frash outfit. I think Qutie Frash's outfits are so unique, have the perfect balance of futuristic and nostalgic, their colours and patterns have such nice balance, and on top of that, it's all so fricken sexy. 

Lastly... I don't know, you are really asking too much of a fashion enthusiast to narrow it down to a handful of items, haha. If you'd like to see clothing I like outside of Lolita, and my "wish list" items, have a glance at my Pinterest Board called "Get On Me". 

What are other Lolis praying to Mana for? Let's take a look at the entries of other participants this week...