LBC: Most Underrated Colours in Lolita

Every lolita fashion season ever: XXX Brand's newest print! Available in Pink, Sax, White, and Black.

YYY Brand's newest print! Available in Pink, Sax, White, and Black.

ZZZ Brand's newest print! Available in Pink-- you get the picture.

Though all dresses are different and appeal to different people, the truth of the matter is brands often repeat the same colour schemes over and over in their designs. It's not a bad thing- they are popular colour ways and appeal to many people. But today, I'd like to talk about the most underrated colours in Lolita fashion- the ones that rarely pop up in catalogs, but none the less have an elegant appeal to them.

The first colour I'd like to bring out of the closet is Grey.

It's cool, reserved, and contrasts nicely with black or white. It also makes an adorable tartan, twill or pinstriped textile. Accessories with hints of red or gold match very nicely.

A Moi-Meme-Moitie Jsk, with black tulle and flocking for contrast

A Flasco coordinate, most likely Miho Matsuda or Excentrique. The grey pinstriped suit looks smart with a contrasting black blouse and bright silver buttons.
Metamorphose's "Sherlock" Jsk set, sold with complimenting black items and pearl accessories.
Though shown as a set coordinate here, the neutral grey tartan is quite versatile.

The next underrated colour is one of my favourites- Blue! 

All through my lolita "life", I had experimented with lighter hues of pink, cream, lavender... and wasn't fully satisfied with how it looked on my skin tone. But last year, I started trying on deeper colours like Navy blue, and it balanced out the red in my skin tone nicely. 

Blue looks nice with almost any colour, especially gold, red, or green. I think it is classic and maidenly, but also strong, and almost regal. It looks nice as cotton, but even more majestic in rich textiles like velvet or taffeta.

Metamorphose's "Pintuck Jsk" looks perfect in this deep navy.

Atelier Pierrot's deeper indigo dress, contrasted with black, white, and sax blue accessories. 

This dress by Victorian Maiden is in a lighter navy colour.
It would be nicely complimented by rose pink accessories for a warmer spring look.

The next colour is Green. I like it for mostly the same reasons I love blue. It comes in many shades, from warm sage to deep emerald. It can be a light spring hue or a deep ivy. Even though it's more reserved than red, or pink, I think it's shyness is its strong point.

A velvet jumperskirt with gold embroidery, by Moi-Meme-Moitie.

Metamorphose's "Dolly crown" velvet Jsk, with embroidery and pearl accents.

A warmer sage dress by Juliette et Justine, with a matching top hat in deep green. 

The last colour I'd like to praise is Rose Pink. Normally, I don't like pink at all, unless it is this specific shade of pink. I've heard it called "dusty" pink before, but I feel that name doesn't do it much justice. 

It is such a delicate pink, it is almost neutral, which is why it goes well with a surprising range of colours. I especially like it with black, brown, or burgundy. 

Since it is such an unassuming colour, but kicks up the intensity of other colours, I think Rose Pink is the most underrated colour!

A Flasco coordinate. I believe the bolero is by Innocent World.

The rose pink blouse transforms the look of this gothic Atelier Pierrot Jsk.

Rose pink ties in the colours of the rose corsages, once again transforming the outfit.
It makes the "gothic" Atelier Pierrot skirt look demure and Springy.

I hope you enjoyed my post, and maybe will be inspired to try these new colours in your wardrobe someday. 

Dare to venture around the colour wheel? Let's see what other lolitas are saying about this week's topic! Let's take a look under the big top~

My Favourite Oahu Spots

Thank goodness and light off some sparklers because Fall semester is officially o-v-e-r. Stick a fork in it, it's done, time to tear the salvageable scribbles out of my notebook and toss the notes. 

The end of a semester means it's also Christmas, and time to fly home and visit my folks. I really think I should invest in a frequent flyer program, because how many miles have I racked up bouncing around the Pacific in the past four years? 

Though it's always a good thing to see family, it also means leaving some of my best friends behind for bit.

Here is me and my friend Yami. Recently we twinned AATP's "Unlock Pandora's Memories" jumper skirt and took Christmas Purikura. 

The location for Purikura, Funpix, is one of my favourite spots on the island. It has moved from it's original Kalakaua location to a roomier, air conditioned location in McCully shopping centre. It is still near Ala Moana mall though, and accessible by bus. 

Ever since I met my first lolita friend in Hawaii, we have been dressing up and going to FunPix. The owners and business have remained the same too, and even though I was gone for a year, I feel like they remember us. 

I have a fat album of memories thanks to this place, of dinners with friends, of conventions and holidays, of cosplays and birthdays... my purikura and photos are some of my most precious things, which is why, I love FunPix.

As I was thinking about FunPix, and the places I'll leave in Hawaii for a little while, I decided I wanted to tell you about them, in case you ever get to come to Oahu. 

One of my favourite places, recently discovered, is Bubbies Icecream. They don't just serve delicious ice-cream (I recommend "Macadamia Nut"), but they also have amazing ice-cream cakes, with some of the most creative names I've seen (check out the right side of the board):

Their signature mochi ice-creams are also popular with kids and adults. They come in all kinds of flavours, from Tiramisu to Guava.

Speaking of sweets, there is an amazing bakery right around the corner from my school, which specialises in hand-crafted cupcakes. The name of that bakery, with its bright pink door and smiling vendors, is Let Them Eat Cupcakes.

Their story is pretty inspiring. The owner used to be a journalist, who lost their job, most likely when the Honolulu Advertiser merged with the Star Bulletin in my sophomore year. It was then that they found their passion: making cupcakes! They started with tents, booths, and food trucks, and now have this lovely downtown location. 

One main reason I love them are their exciting flavours... when I first saw their menu, it was the first time I had ever heard of "Peanut Butter and Jelly" cupcakes. They also have Bailey's Irish Cream, Caramel Macchiato, Chocolate Malt, and Cookies & Cream, to name a few. But what I love most are their local flavours such as Li Hing Mango, Liliko'i, Guava, and Mochi.

A few weeks ago, I translated for a group of Japanese Exchange students visiting from Hiroshima. The girls seemed tired and stressed, so after a tour of the campus, I took them around the corner to Let Them Eat Cupcakes, and treated them. They seemed so happy! They also really enjoyed the creative sprinkle bar, where they could each decorate their own cupcake.

I could go on and on in true lolita fashion about great places to find sweets on the island, but instead I'd like to switch gears, and talk about one of my favourite local shops. 

Like Let Them Eat Cupcakes, they started small and have flourished over the past few years. It is a shop in Aiea called "Mini-Q", which sells rare and specialty anime figures from Japan, and imported blind-box figures. 

I remember when I first came back to Hawaii for college, and I found their tent at the Aloha Stadium swap meet. At that time they only sold imported cellphone straps and stickers. 

I am really happy to see they have grown to a physical location, and now carry so much stock! They are very good about updating their Facebook page, so I can stalk the new Tiger & Bunny releases. They also have a reward points program, so you can earn discounts and things like that. 

I am saving to eventually adopt all of their Nendoroids...

As with all places, I feel this doesn't even scratch the surface of cool spots in Hawaii. That is one of the reasons I keep this blog though, so I can tell you about interesting places everywhere I go, wherever my suitcase takes me. (Corny, but true.)

I may not be earning frequent flyer miles now, but through all this traveling and always finding new places- or revisiting the old ones I love- I think I've racked up plenty of frequent flyer smiles. 

To Favourite Spots and roads less traveled, 


LBC: My Favourite Dress

Today's Lolita Blog Carnival topic is simple, perhaps too simple; so simple, it's actually extremely difficult.

The question raised to Lolitas this week, was "What is Your Favourite Dress"? 

But there are HUNDREDS of dresses I've oohed and aahed for over the years. How could you expect me to pick just one?

But the truth is, there is one that holds a special place in my heart right now. The current apple of my eye...

The Angelic Pretty (gasp!) Fortissimo series.

"Fortissimo" refers to a piece of music played at a high volume. Appropriately, with its contrasting red, blue, and bold pin stripes, this is a loud dress! But somehow, I think the balance is perfect.

As I've said before, I love the look of school uniforms and all uniforms in general, so I love the cut of these dresses as well.

This dress has been on my want-to-buy list for a long time; nearly a year! And I always miss it. So darlings, if you see her floating around, please sit on her for me, and I'll come running to catch it. xD 

My next favourite dress at the moment, is the "Twilight Circus Jumperskirt II", by Alice and the Pirates.

Like the Fortissimo series, the black version of the print has my two favourite colours: red and blue, and the cut of the bodice has an adorable military style. Again, I always miss this one at sale or auction, it's so distressing. T___T

My next favourite dress (told you, you can't pick just one!) is Baby's "My Little Red Riding Hood" series. The worst part about it is that it was released while I was still in Japan, but I was saving money at the time so didn't buy it. 

The original "Red Riding Hood" series featured embroidery and appliqué, but I much prefer this remake, with the water-colour picture book scenes along the border. Adorable!

Speaking of appliqué and embroidery... last, but not least, is Baby's "Angel in the Window" Jsk. 

The appliqué features an elegant gold window, embroidered gold stars, angels with sheer wings, candles with gold beams of light, and a cross. 

Though I'm not particularly a fan of full shirring, the reason I love this dress is because the first lolita friend I ever met offline was wearing this dress when I met her. When she came through the door in all black, wearing this dress and a little black side ribbon, I thought, "She is the most beautiful person I've ever met". Though I didn't even own a real lolita dress at that time, I was in awe of her elegance, and I think it was at that moment I decided to really get into lolita. 

Of course, wish lists are never ending and ever-changing! One thing I learned that really makes me happy while lolita hunting, is searching for things that have elements you like- not just one specific dress. Looking for one specific dress can drive you crazy!! 

So, when looking for lolita, I look for red, blue, black or green tones, stripes, things that would be cute with berets, military styles, school styles, or darker prints. 

(But, I do keep a wish list too!)

What are other lolitas dreaming of this week? Let's take a look under the tent...

(Geez, now I really wanna shop...)

"Oh Maiden, Advance with a Sword and Rose"

I wanted to post something else for International Lolita Day, but it didn't really go with my Hello Kitty event post. So forgive me for double-posting, but I really thought my readers would want to read this.

 I hope that my darlings have a wonderful Lolita Day today, whether you're relaxing at home, going out shopping or hanging out with your lolita circle. In honour of the day, and all of you brave girls who wear what you want without fear, I'd like to share a passage by Ali Project vocalist Arika Takarano. 

I remember reading a translation a few years ago in the English Gothic and Lolita Bible. Whenever I feel afraid of what others think of my fashion, I always think of this passage. I was able to dig it up again, from the Lolita-Tips Tumblr...

It is called "Oh Maiden, Advance with a Sword and Rose". 

“I wonder what made you become Lolita? Is it because you wanted to wear cute clothes? Because you like lace and frills? Because you wanted to be like someone? Or was it because you wanted to become cute so you’d be popular with the guys? No, no, that’s impossible isn’t it? After all, Lolita isn’t something with which you worry about what guys think!  
I bet your answer is something like this... “Before I knew it, I was a Lolita maiden!” That’s right! You are a chosen maiden, a born aristocratic maiden. I understand you well. You’re a daydreamer and a visionary who is here in body, but not in spirit. You’re shy, willful, and don’t want to be like others. You like reading by yourself rather than partying with friends. You love pretty things and want to live surrounded by only the things you like. 
Isn’t that right? “I am a special maiden.” It’s okay for you to think that, you know. Even if there are strangers who look away and snicker at you because your skirt is too poufy, or because the ribbon adorning your hair is too big, you don’t have to let it bother you. Sure, it’s aggravating that there are still some confused people who see Gothic and Lolita as unemotional, cheap cosplay, but you should just remain confident and stand tall. One cannot learn true kindness unless one becomes strong.  
Nothing will come of indulging in the comfort of lukewarm idleness. It’s triffling and foolish to look at the same things others see and try to discover something interesting from such. After all, there are many more wonderful things, yet-unknown things, beautiful things that will take your breath away in your world. I know you can find these things.  
Cotton candy envelops your heart. Scarlet roses bloom in your eyes, and the taste of honey forever spreads upon your tongue. Your hair is soft and your skin smooth. You are a maiden who was born to be Lolita. You exist in a cocoon. The light of the sun and the glistening of the moon gently fall upon you there. You want to stay in there forever with your eyes closed. While you wish for that, the dreams that fall gently upon you there are woven like a sweet layer of powdered sugar…. But girls with a highly developed sense of beauty are intelligent.  
Have you realized that behind the fluffy cuteness lies hidden a well-honed sword, the blade of which shines brightly? That’s right. After all, you already know, don’t you? That this world does not consist of only beautiful things? That somewhere there lurks malice that intends to do you harm? That roses have thorns so that they may remain sublime? And that sometimes, you must fight to protect that which is dear to you?  
This is what I think: Gothic and Lolita clothes are a maiden’s armor, which even a knight’s armor cannot compare to. A maiden’s lace is her steel. Her ribbons are chains. Her dress hat is her helmet, and her surreptitiously changes the blood that flows from her wounds into true red rose petals. Thus, the maiden fights. After all, to live is to fight, and to become beautiful is to become stronger. You are a noble being that no one may touch, you are cute and yet tragic. Yes, the ideal aristocratic maiden, in my imagination, is very much like you.  
There are often maidens who say, “But I’m not cute, so…” you know, though, that there’s no such thing as a maiden who is not cute. It’s just that there are those maidens who don’t have enough confidence. However, modesty is a virtue, and those maidens won’t become the kind of shameless women who are not mindful of their appearance. That’s why I think not having confidence is a step toward beauty, too. 
So, stop looking in the mirror and sighing! You must find at least a piece of yourself that you like the best. For example, a part of your face would be nice: like your peachy cheeks or even your eyelashes. Your tiny, pink seashell-like nails also would be fine. The fact that you’ve got a talent for art, or that your specialty is making sweets would be fine, too. It’s enough for you to acknowledge, little by little, that there is something that you excel in.
See? When you think of it that way, don’t you recall this and that talent? 
Say, I can see wings on your back- elegant wings, with the luster of velvet. Please keep flying freely, without fear. Even if someone should hurt you, you will end up landing in the right place. I know this well because once upon a time, I was like you, too.”
- Arika Takarano for the Gothic & Lolita Bible

Meeting Yuko Yamaguchi (again)!

Today is officially "International Lolita Day", but since I have a wedding to attend today I celebrated yesterday. I decided to go all out, and wear my Chess Chocolate bustier Jsk.

I don't usually wear sweet, so it was kind of odd. xD I got comments like "You look just like Cinderella", and "Are you an Angel?" My uncle also asked "Are you selling Swiss Miss or something?" Haha.

It happened to be the perfect time to dress up anyway, because Hello Kitty's lead designer from Japan, Yuko Yamaguchi was holding a meet-and-greet at Alamoana Center!

I met Yamaguchi-san about a year and a half ago, when she held a similar event at Sephora. (Read about it here!) That event was so crowded, uncomfortable and had a long line. Yesterday's event at Sanrio was much more personal, comfortable and fun!

Basically, all you had to do was spend $30 in Sanrio, and you could meet Yuko for her autograph. That $30 went quickly, getting my friends early Christmas Presents, and a new planner for myself. Once you met the $30, you could also purchase an autograph board, and Yuko would draw you an original illustration.

Yuko was cute as always, and she was wearing an Emily Temple Cute Jsk, just like last time! She must really love Emikyu. ^o^ I was also really surprised to see that she remembered me, all the way from last April at Sephora! 

My beautiful autograph, which I'll be framing next to my other one (wow, it sounds so snooty to say that, haha!)

After the autograph session there was still a lot to do in the store! You could create a Hello Kitty bento, and play games like making Hello Kitty's face on an onigiri. There were also manicurists on-site, who would paint Sanrio characters on your nails. It was so much more fun than the previous Sephora event!

On top of all this, I loved getting to talk with members of Sanrio who were at the store from the US and Japan. I ended up meeting one representative, who noticed my Spottie Dottie pins on my bag. He was so excited to see that I knew the character, and even more shocked to find out she is my favourite! Spottie Dottie has been basically fazed out over the years, with only an occasional appearance. But come to find out, she was the representative's favourite too, and he was so happy to find another fan! He took pictures of my pins and introduced me to the Vice President from Japan and several other people whose positions I forgot. 

After, a female representative from Japan was introduced to me, and she gave me a Hello Kitty keitai strap. I was beaming, and the US rep chimed in, "Small gift, big smile!" 

Though the event was much more intimate in the home boutique of Sanrio, they didn't cut all ties with Sephora. Since Sephora carries a line of Hello Kitty cosmetics, guests were given a free $5 Sephora gift card, good towards any Sanrio purchase, just for stopping by. (Limited to the first 50 guests). 

I hope that this is a good sign for Hawaii, and that we keep bringing back guests from Japan!

xoxo, Cherie

LBC: 5 Themed Meetup Ideas

Meetups are arguably the core of Lolita culture... gathering with your lolita friends, coordinating outfits together, and heading out to do something decidedly "Lolita". It can be visiting a new cafe, or a more physical outing, like exploring a zoo. 

This week in the Lolita Carnival, we'll be sharing ideas for 5 Meetups. 

My first suggestion is actually counter-intuitive to most lolitas, dare I say, blasphemous.

But what the heck.


YES. Break out the brand cat ears you've been dying to wear, or that ridiculous bonnet with long floppy bunny ears. Dig out the furry bear eared headdress you've been shoving into the shadows of your drawer, because you know what? It's cute as hell. You know you want to wear it, but fear the taunts of "cosplay". 

But I say, for one day, loosen up. ^^ Or should I say... GO WILD! 

Go on a nature trail, or public garden if you have any in your area. If you're worried about the terrain, how about a Nature Reserve? There was a lovely one I visited in Washington state called the Bloedel Reserve, with a sprawling lawn, elegant lake and a Victorian manor. 

Also, you don't have to wear something costume-y to participate. An "animal" theme is as open ended as you make it. And if you look around, there's plenty of pretty, inexpensive things you can buy or make to transform an outfit.

Take this cat-eared veil I found on Etsy, for instance...


It seems easy to recreate, with some tulle and wire. ^^

Or who says you have to be a mammal? If you're more into elegant butterflies or birds, that would be lovely too. 

2.) Cooking Mama

I love to bake... mostly because I can't cook anything except dessert, haha! So I think it would be really fun to have everyone show off their own cooking or baking skills, and have a cooking meet-up. (To save your clothes during preparation, this may be best completed pot-luck style.)

Or, if you can't bake or cook, buy something and bring it. :) Then dress the part of the chef and try to convince everyone you made it. 

Have everyone come in their baker's best... or by that I mean, take a regular lolita coord and add an apron. Because really, when else do we get to wear those things? It's also a great opportunity to break out your maid-themed coords, if you have any! 

If you're one of the fortunate few, maybe you live near a place where you can go and cook your own entree. While I was in Japan, I saw a restaurant where you pay a professional to teach you how to cook. They provide the gourmet ingredients and guide you and your guest through the entire process. Not only is it delicious, but you get the self-fulfilment of making your own delicious meal!

Or, there was a bakery I went to in Washington called Bella Bella Cupcakes. They offered a party where the guests made their own signature cupcake batter, combining whatever flavours they wanted. Supplies were provided by the bakery. Then when you were done, the bakers baked your cupcakes, and brought them out for you to decorate. ... who cares if it was a kid's party package, doesn't it sound like fun?!

Do some research and see if there is anything like that in your area! 

3.) Karaoke

Because. Whenever I go out in lolita. I'm usually going to karaoke.

A Hello Kitty karaoke room I rented with my friend in Tokyo.
No, but really! Karaoke is a great ice breaker, and an ice maker... since we never get to wear cute Lolita coats in Hawaii, we once had a "Winter Karaoke" meet up, where we wore our winter lolita gear to the private karaoke room, then cranked up the air conditioning on full blast. And of course, you can sing Christmas carols while you do this. ;D

Many people are scared to go, because they think it's "horrible and embarrassing"... and you know, I used to think so too. Until I went with about three thousand Japanese people. xD 

One of my good friends was in a band, and would just go wild at karaoke, yelling into the mic, kicking chairs, jumping, dancing, head banging... and even though he was great, his voice cracks too. And he'd sing duets with the worst of us, myself included. 

It's just about having fun. No one is an expert, and that's not what we're expecting. If everyone is worried about outdoing each other, you're going with the wrong people, haha.

My point is, have a karaoke lolita meet-up, you won't regret it!

4.) ... You know, I think I spent all my energy on the first idea, haha!



On Metamorphose's website there is a world map, tagged with customers from all over the globe.

From Metamorphose's Go! Go! Lolita Chan!

Ever since I started lolita back in 2007, I remember this map on the site. So that is where I got the inspiration... Everybody comes dressed as a different country!

Deep reds and greens for Italy, Red White and Blue with star accessories for America, Marie Antoinette for France, that kimono Jsk from Meta you never get to wear for Japan!

This meet can hit the street at an event where you're sure to be street snapped, or maybe take it to a show, like the theatre, ballet or a circus. 

5.) A Masquerade

Going out at night is just as fun, if not more fun than going out in the day! And with a theme like "Masquerade", your options are endless. 

Guests should be encouraged to create or modify their own masquerade mask to match their outfit. Maybe you could have a contest, for most original, best over all, and so on! 

Possible events for this theme could be Art After Dark, First Friday, concerts, art openings, holidays such as New Years and Halloween... 

No matter what the meet up or the theme, I've always believed it's the people, not what you do, that make the experience. So no matter how fun or simple your meet-up idea is, enjoy the time with your friends and getting to know new people over all.

I hope someday I get to go to a meet-up with all of my darlings! I'll make you all wear animal ears and dress like countries and sing karaoke, muwahaha.

xoxo, Slightly Sadistic Cherie 

This week's participants:

Standing at Attention

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and seeing as I'm exhausted and at a loss for words this week, I felt a photo spam was in order.

Lately I've been all over military and uniform styles in lolita.

Textiles with texture, tailored frames and separates, charming hats and functional bags, boots and platform shoes are all staples in this style.

In the past year I've collected two dresses in this style, and I wear them all the time! I especially love my "Saint Helena" Jsk by Alice and the pirates, with its brass details and adorable low-waist belt.

I like to wear it with boots, and my matching navy blue beret. One day I'd like to wear it with a big jabot blouse and a waist coat worthy of a general.

There is also my Putumayo Jsk, which I used in my last entry, attempting the Wardrobe challenge. This one is more navy or school uniform inspired. It's also a good option if you prefer sweet over gothic, because the detachable bow and double-frill skirt give it a more playful side. 

Whether it's inspired by the armed service or the school yard, you have to agree, everyone loves a girl in uniform. 

My favourite site for Military Loli inspiration is Flasco! I recommend browsing their blog and photos for ideas, if you like this style.

xoxo, Loli Lieutenant Cherie

LBC: A Loli's Day in Hawaii

It's no secret that we all lead very different lives. Mine happens to be insanely busy.

This week's Carnival theme was "A Lolita's Day in Pictures", and unfortunately for me, it was a school day. xD So at risk of ruining the image you have of me, here is my submission.

I like to hope you think of me as a creative and edgy person who always looks stylish, rather than a college student working on her driver's license and scarfing down Subway between classes, but hey, what can we do.

Also, you'd think living in Hawaii, this post would read something like "I awoke to a gentle sunrise and the peals of dolphin laughter, stretching out of my hammock where I fell asleep outside my grass shack..." No. Sorry. xD

I awoke at about 5 AM to the violent vibration of my cellphone, which never leaves my side. The crackling air conditioner overhead is the next thing I hear, and it sounds kind of like money burning.

Then I proceed through the usual formalities, of hiding anything that naturally occurs on a woman (Iron your bangs! Pluck that stray eyebrow hair! Conceal everything!). Then I carefully pack and prepare clothing and supplies for the evening ahead, a dance and entertainment event called "Thank God for Vampires".

Unfortunately, lolita, shoes, wigs and makeup are heavy, and lucky me, I have classes all day first. So by the time I'm ready to head out my load looks like:

Once that's done, it's time to drive. I hop into my vehicle of choice, "Blue Rose"...

... plug in my iPod, and hit the road. The morning soundtrack was a mutually agreeable choice of ONE OK ROCK on shuffle, much to my uncle's relief. 

I go through the morning classes, lugging the weight of my double life up and down stairs, back and forth across campus. Three classes and a can of Monster energy drink later, I find myself in the sanctuary of my favourite part of the day... a sacred lunch hour!

And of course, what do lolitas eat for lunch? Surely they dine only on parfaits and bear-shaped macaroons, like the tales of my outings in Japan. And what else to wash down those sweets, but tea and lattes served in fine china?

And surely, I ate on the pristine Hawaiian beach?

Ahaha, no, there is nothing cute about what I ate. In fact it is probably the least lady-like lunch, except for the fact it was vegetarian. You could say, it was a salad between two giant croutons.

Yes. In spite of the low-carb diet I say I'm on, I succumbed to the call of a Veggie sub. :P 

And about dining on the beach, no. The only sea by my campus is the sea of butt-emblazoned sweatpants walking around outside. 

Sure enough, my lunch hour passes before I know it...

And it's time for my last class of the day, where of course, I take thorough and diligent notes.

AT LONG LAST, classes have ended, and I rush back to the cafe area to meet with a dear friend. She is a Journalism student and, funnily enough, she wanted to interview me about the Lolita community in Hawaii.

If we were going to talk about Lolita, it was going to be over some kind of cute food damn it. Or actually, that's just an excuse. The truth is I'm addicted to the frozen yogurt shop by my campus and go just about every day and not even an interview was going to stop me. xD 

Pineapple frozen yogurt with lychee boba, strawberries and kiwi. 

I mean, low carb diet!!

You are probably wondering when I will get to the Lolita part. Well hold your horses, because it turns out, I didn't even have all of my outfit packed. Not only did I forget tights, but I also left home without lashes, lash glue or circle lenses. So that means... TO THE MALL!

Ala Moana mall is actually a pretty cool place to hang out. It is mostly out doors and they keep it very clean. Not to mention, there are cool stores there like Shirokiya, and Q-pot. But actually, I just like to look at the fish in the giant outdoor ponds, which flow down stream throughout the mall. 

After my mad dash to finish my outfit, I rush back to campus and hijack the biggest air-conditioned bathroom for preparation. A bit of cursing and a magical girl transformation later, I emerge somewhat successfully in my Atelier Pierrot outfit.

After that, it was a relatively stress-free night of hanging out with friends, and enjoying good music at The Venue. My good friend Alice Demize also came in Atelier, so we were matching! 

And well, now you know my secret, that I am actually a totally normal and boring person. xD But enough about that, how did everyone else spend their Lolita Day? Let's go under the tent and take a look-see...

xoxo, Cherie.

PS... if you can find all the Tiger & Bunny things, you're my new best friend! xD

You can compare with my "Lolita's Day in Nagoya", written about a year ago, here