A Lolita's Day in Nagoya

Well yesterday, I suggested doing a photo dump to share some of the things I've seen in Japan so far. But as it turns out, today's Lolita Meme theme serves that purpose very well.

Day Eleven
... a day of your Lolita life in pictures.

It all started here, at Hongo station on our way to Sakae. 

We had lunch at Sakae station, where I had udon for the first time ever! It was really delicious! My friend recommended that I order wakame udon, if I wasn't very hungry. But I couldn't even finish this big bowl! I wish I could though! 

The order came with pickled vegetables and furikake rice. Furikake rice is one of my favorites from my home in Hawaii, so it was really nice! :)

It was sooo hot out yesterday. I stopped at the Ghibli store to pick up this cute handkerchief.

After lunch, we went to Nagoya Castle.

It was hot.

Really hot.

But at least the inside of the castle had air conditioning. I know they say the Japanese are advanced in their technology, but man... the Feudal Lords were geniuses...

The view from the top!

I got my BTSSB planner stamped. 

We found the Swimmer store at Sakae station! I wanted to look more, but it was pretty crowded. I picked up some Melty Chocolate headphones and Black Cat, Red Ribbon, and Gold Crown earrings.

The staff was super helpful, and helped direct us to the Nova building, where the Lolita shops are on the 5th floor.

I literally ran down the escalator when I saw Angelic Pretty's pink lobby. I have never been in Lolita shop in the four years since I started. It was like walking in a dream. 

The staff at Angelic Pretty were lovely! The shop tenant had peachy pink hair in pig tails, and wore the Chocolate Chess salopette with a cut sew underneath. It was a super cute coordinate for the sticky Nagoya heat we've had.

When I came in, I asked if they had the brown Honey Cake head bow, but they were out. Instead, I picked up a plain ivory side bow and continued browsing. The shop tenant came up to me with a much bigger, more elaborate head bow with ribbons, lace, and pearls, and said, 'I think this one suits you, and the pearls are really cute!' I was so surprised that she took the time to find me a head bow. I actually love pearls, and can't believe I missed that bow on the table!

After, I decided to get a purse too. I couldn't choose between the last Honey Cake shoulder bag and the new Alice in Wonderland story book purse. I asked the shop tenant, and she recommended getting the Honey Cake purse, since it was their last one and it would be really cute with my Honey Cake series. 

(And as it turns out, both the bow and the purse are PERFECT with my Honey Cake Jsk.)

After paying, she gave me a stamp card, and hand-drawn information sheets for upcoming reservations. She packed everything, even my other shopping bags, into one large, convenient Angelic Pretty bag. Then, she carried it out of the store for me, bowing many times and saying "Arigatou gozaimasu".

The Putumayo staff were all so nice! They had about three tenants working, but they were all so friendly. When I chose a parasol I liked, they opened it for me so I could see the design. Then, they cut the tags so I could use it right away, and put them in a sealed Putumayo envelope. I asked for a little bag to hold my old travel umbrella, and they packed it for me!

On the way out, I spotted an adorable beret with bunny ears- berets and bunny ears, two things I'm a sucker for. After admiring it, one of the tenants said I could try it on if I wanted! They took it out of the packaging for me and let me try it on in front of the floor-length mirror. Ugh, it was too cute! It was almost 8,000 yen though, so I think closer to Winter, I'll go back for it. It will be perfect for cold days, and maybe, they'll have a sale by that time. Hehe. 

Things I was disappointed in- Alice and the Pirates and Baby the Stars Shine Bright. At Baby, the shop tenant was nice, but the store itself was pretty bare. I think it's because they just had a big Summer Sale, didn't they? At Alice and the Pirates, it wasn't as bare, but the tenants didn't even say "Welcome". They kept to themselves at the front desk, one tenant with their back to us. To me it felt like they didn't want my business.

Innocent World was the most cramped store, in a corner of the 5th floor. But the goods were amazing. They had some Autumn outerwear out on the racks, and lots of adorable socks. I saw the new Stained Glass print in blue in person, and it's stunning! I really want it for myself. 

Unfortunately time doesn't stand still in Lolita Land, and we had to leave. I felt like I was floating down the stairs and out to the train station.

Of course, that floaty feeling wore off fast, and as soon as I walked in the door of my apartment I wanted to crash.

My haul for the day.

But the best thing I received?

In my mail box, I received my first card from my mom. It was just the thing I needed to wrap up a perfect day. 

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