SWIMMER headphones and cafe cravings

I got to take my new headphones for a spin today, while walking to class. (Today was the first day of Placement Tests!) 

I've owned SWIMMER headphones before, which were neither sturdy nor impressive in the sound department. 

This new model is an improvement though. They're more comfortable, the chord is thicker, and the sound is clearer. We'll see if that quality holds up, or if it deteriorates like the old models. 

The metal sliders on the side are adjustable for size, and again, sturdier than the old plastic sliders. I was able to throw these in my messenger bag during testing and not worry about their condition. 

Speaking of the placement tests, it was about what I expected. We started with kanji, no surprises there. It was a mix of reading and writing, much to my relief; I thought the entire exam would be writing from memory. Half the test was just writing furigana readings.

The second half of the day included computer based testing, on everything from particles to basic grammar.  On both sections, the difficulty increased as you finished the test, and there was some material I didn't know. However, I'd rather admit I don't know it and be placed in a lower level, than guess and be placed over my ability later. 

Tomorrow results will be posted, so please cross your fingers for me. Tomorrow, I'll know if I have to take more exams or not... but I'm hoping not, because I've been wanting to eat breakfast at a certain cafe for days now!

All week, my friend and I have trying to go this a place called Mother's Onigiri Cafe.

On the lower level, they sell supplies for tea making and baked goods. Your nose is filled with the rich, salty aroma of baking bread and matcha tea as soon as you walk in. The second story is an open dining room with huge windows, whicker chairs and glass tables, where you can enjoy the company of a friend or enjoy the laid-back atmosphere. 

We went there a few days ago, but they were sold out of onigiri by the time we got there. Turns out, they only serve certain dishes at certain times of the day- which means we missed their traditional breakfasts of miso soup, onigiri, vegetables and curry rice. Heavily disappointed, my friend and I made a pact to wake up early one morning, just to try their breakfast.

We tried again last Sunday, but turns out, they were closed on Sundays! Foiled again.

Last time, I ended up getting their iced tea. At 380 yen, I thought it was steep at first; but it was not just iced tea! It was the best iced tea I've ever been served. 

It was crisp, cool, and just a bit minty. It was served with dark sweetener syrup (I'm not sure what it was; molasses?) and nuts in a light candy shell. 

The staff at Mother's is sweet and helpful. They gave us a coupon for our next visit, if we ever get there!

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