Happy New Year! 2014 Wardrobe Post

Happy New Year, Bonne année et bonne santé, and 明けましておめでとう, Darlings!

Thank you for all of your support in 2014, with my first two fashion shows at the Hawaii Horror Ball and RAW: natural born artists Honolulu! I hope to improve very much this year, make very many commissions, work on my time management and have many more creative shows for you!


There is one Lolita meme I enjoy doing every year, and that is to post my wardrobe. It has changed very much over the past few years I've done it. The first year I did it, I kept my photos on Photobucket, but they are all gone now. That year was the year I studied abroad in Japan, and I had quite a few bright Angelic Pretty prints, leopard print accessories and bright pink motorcycle jackets.

The year after became a bit more muted and slightly mature, with still a few sweet elements. (Check it out here, Wardrobe Post 2013!)

This past year, 2014 was really when I started forming my personal style, and collecting pieces that truly reflect my personality and taste. As you'll see, I definitely became fond of Atelier Pierrot, and there's barely a trace of sweet Lolita to be found. I am very happy with my collection, which reflects classic themes, military and uniform influences, and lots of jewel tones!

Without further ado, and with firecrackers popping overhead as I write, my main wardrobe pieces of 2014.

Alice and the Pirates

St. Helena Jsk
(Pin: Miho Matsuda; Blouse: offbrand)

In comparison to last year, my collection of Alice and the Pirates has really thinned out. Still, I kept this Jsk, because it is one of my absolute favourites.

Firstly, navy blue is my favourite colour. It is so versatile, with the ability to compliment many different colour schemes and skin tones. I especially like wearing it with cream and gold accessories. I also adore uniform styles, so it is my go-to piece when I have no idea what to wear. I love it, because it can be styled classically, gothicly, or as a school uniform. I hope one day, to track down the matching capelet!

Cock Robin Jsk

I'll be honest. Though the design of this dress is very elegant, I mostly bought it because one of my favourite bands is called cocklobin, lol. I had the pleasure of watching them perform at Takadanobaba AREA just before they disbanded last year. Check them out, if you're into Nagoya-kei!

But back to the dress! As an avid collector of jewel tones, I appreciated the unique burgundy colour. I am also a fan of the ruffle on top of the bodice.

My latest purchase, still waiting for this one to come in from Closet Child.

Angelic Pretty

Wrapping Ribbon Jsk

I have long been skeptical of Angelic Pretty, because pastels just don't suit me. But I've wanted this particular print for a while, especially with the dark purple colour combination. On top of that, the chiffon is lovely, and the cut of the dress is quite comfortable. 

Atelier Pierrot

Halter Vest Jsk

I always wanted an all-black Atelier Pierrot Jsk. When my friend happened to be selling hers, I couldn't resist! I got it for a steal, because the zipper had broken off the track, but my husband fixed it for me in a jiffy. I am looking forward to so many different looks with this Jsk!

Eden Jsk

Definitely another one of my favourite Jsks. I bought it at Onicon Hawaii in 2012, the first year Atelier Pierrot came to Hawaii. I adored the green colour and had stalked it online for weeks, but it was sold out everywhere. I held on to my con savings with the faintest hope Atelier Pierrot might bring one for sale. As soon as the booth opened, I was there waiting, and watching... and there it was! I snagged it right away. I also modelled in the Atelier Pierrot fashion show that year, so this piece is also very sentimental to me. I don't think I'll ever get rid of it!

Cage Skirt

For as long as I could remember, I wanted a black cage skirt! Imagine my surprise and excitement when I found one at Closet Child in January for only about 6,000 yen. Score! 

Charcoal Capelet

A versatile mantle/capelet with faint pinstripes. I sometimes decorate it with a broach, corsage, or military-like ribbons, depending on the look. I got it in an Atelier Pierrot lucky pack last January. I got to see Yuko in Harajuku again the day I bought the pack, and she remembered me from Onicon, which made me very surprised and happy. 

Cream Pintuck Apron

A versatile and classic apron with many delicate details. It can be coordinated in many different ways, which is why I love it. I also got this from my lucky pack last year. 

White Jsk (I forget the name)

My photo honestly doesn't do this dress justice right now. I am still working on a complete coordinate.

This was my dream dress for my wedding, or post-wedding party last year, but it was always out of my budget. When it finally went on sale a few weeks ago, I decided to snag it. You never know when you can do a romantic gothic photo shoot, or vow renewal. ;D

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Ma Cherie Jsk

Although I've considered selling this a few times, I just can't let go of this adorable Jsk. Though normally I avoid pink, I am fond of Baby's special shade of "cherry" pink. Not to mention, I adore the heart embroidered eyelet lace on the bottom. On top of all that, it is called "Ma Cherie", almost as if it was made for me! Even though I prefer darker colours, I feel it is good to have at least one sweet Jsk in your wardrobe, just in case. 


Missing Letter, Key and Rabbit Jsk

I am not usually big into prints, but I adore the colours used in this print. It is a beautiful balance! I recently wore this out on a holiday shopping outing with my new chocolate brown mary janes.

Darkly Darling (my home-made items)

Enchanted Forest Jsk

A half-shirred Jsk with delicate pink tones and warm chocolate brown. I made it for a forest themed meet-up.

Rosemary Cream and Green Jsk and Bonnet

One of the first outfits I made when I got back into my sewing kick this year. I adore chiffon, it's my favourite material to work with! This was also my first successful bonnet that I made for myself.

Blue Lace Overlay Jsk

A fully shirred OP made of blue tafetta, fully lined with black lace overlay. It was one of my first experiments with fully shirred OPs. I wanted to make something in a bold sapphire blue colour, originally inspired by Beauty and the Beast, but it took a turn towards Moi-Meme-Moitie. 

I made a lot more items this year, but I think those are my favourites.


Green Halter Jsk

This was another dream dress, I dug it up at Closet Child for only 6,000 yen! I couldn't believe my eyes! I positively love Excentrique as a brand, and hope to collect more odds and ends from them in the coming year. I'd especially love one of their military styled jackets. 

Innocent World

Dot Shantung Jsk

I actually didn't get this in an oddment pack, I bought it by choice! As I said before, I love navy, and I also love polkadots, so this Jsk was just right for me. Not to mention, I prefer IW's longer hemlines. 

Antique Playing Cards Jsk

I love the metallic gold print, and how the pops of red surprisingly compliment the brown! The ribbon high on the bodice is also a cute touch.

Antique Cutlery Jsk

I love the reds and blues in the print. Though I am not usually a fan of prints, recently I have been coveting those from Innocent World.

Antique Tartan Jsk

Innocent World be like ANTIQUE ALL THE THINGS!

Obviously, I have become quite the fan of Innocent World, lol. I also enjoy collecting pieces with unique colours. Surprisingly enough this can be coordinated for either a Spring ot Autumn look.


Bear eared Jacket

One of the things I bought when it was freezing cold in Tokyo. It kept me surprisingly warm! I love the bear ears!

And last, but not least, some random accessory eye candy.

Welp, those are the main things I've added to my wardrobe in 2014! I feel it is a lot more cohesive this way, and reflects my personal style. It also shows how my taste has matured, and even fringed on gothic this past year. I am very satisfied with it!

Of course, I have some odds and ends such as Q-pot rings, brand necklaces given to me by friends, and one or two branded head pieces, but they're really not impressive enough to show off, haha. 

In 2015, I'd like to collect a Triple Fortune Bonnet, more Atelier Pierrot Jewel Tone Jsks, military items from Metamorphose and Excentrique, Innocent World's Rose Panel Jsk, and Btssb's Charlotte Baniran Jsk in red. Maybe I'll make a more extensive wishlist post later this week, for the Lolita Blog Carnival! 

I hope you enjoyed peeking inside my closet, and hopefully this time next year, I'll have more than twice as many handmade outfits by Darkly Darling to show you!

Xoxo, Cherie

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