Sugarcane, Cafe Laufer

The Ala Moana area isn't the only place to find things to do, as many well know! Yesterday, I headed out to Kaimuki for a Mori Girl and Dolly Kei meetup. We went to Cafe Laufer for lunch first, then afterwards, we poked around Sugarcane, a nearby vintage boutique.

Mori in Hawaii: Genius Outfitters, Waikiki

Genius Outfitters: A Bohemian, or as Japanese fashion enthusiasts would dare to deem it, "Mori Girl" boutique tucked away in Waikiki.

The three story boutique has a vintage show room on the ground floor, filled with soft skirts, straw boater hats, crocheted scarves, handmade jewelry, shoes, candles, Japanese cosmetics... an enchanted forest of fashion. The shop stocks everything from Japanese brands to Free People.

The second floor is devoted to sales items, as well as a brilliant jewel toned fitting room. The spiral staircase up has tall frosted windows, vibrant blown glass lamps, and dressed up mannequins.

The prices are extremely reasonable, ranging from $6-$60 for most items.

Taking another que from Mori lifestyle, Genius Outfitters also stocks home decor items! My favorite items were cafe curtains made from cream crochet lace. There were also tea steepers with hats, bunny printed tupperware, tin candles and more. It's great for Honolulu fashionistas looking to decorate their dorm rooms and apartments!

The sales floor had tons of cute things! It would be easy to make a super cute coordinate for under $35. My favorite items were these boots, which were only $25!

Currently Genius Outfitters takes donations for Japan's Disaster Relief. If you donate at least $5, you get 5% off your entire purchase.

Next time you're in Waikiki (or on your way to Karaoke, like me), be sure to stop by! Genius Outfitters is a boutique that stands out from all the rest for their style, selection, displays and prices.

Not to mention, the staff are friendly... and have great fashion sense.

346 Lewers St.
Honolulu, HI 96815
TEL : 808-922-2822

10:30am - 10:30pm (Monday - Sunday)

Shop Review: Clothing-Drop

Hey guys! Well recently, I broke down and ordered one of my dream dresses from the US-based Lolita Consignment Shop, Clothing-Drop

The used clothing boutique sells everything from lucky packs to hair accessories, with more than 25 brands to choose from. They sell lolita, punk, and even stock items from the elusive brand Takuya Angel. 

Clothing-Drop also offers a consignment service, which I've used twice myself. For a reasonable 10% fee, they take attractive stock photos of your items and list them in the shop. If you want to drop your price, all you have to do is email them and they do the work for you. After you sell an item, you can have your profit Paypaled to you, or save it as Clothing-Drop store credit.

This was my first time actually buying from CD, and I was very impressed.

I bought the Emily Temple cute Decoration Cake Jsk. It was reasonable, considering ETC is hard to come by state side, and this print is especially popular.

Powder puff

I discovered an awesome find at the thrift store the other day:

A cotton candy colored cardi. It's so retro, with the detachable pink collar. And it was only $4!

My next goal is to find the ideal bag! I've been searching thrift stores everywhere I go, for the perfect basket to overhaul with silk flowers and ribbons.

I've been wanting a basket-like purse, like this Liz Lisa number...

Or a vintage one, like this one on Etsy!

But my dream bag would be one from Swimmer, or ETC. ♥

Soooome daaaay, my purse will come~ ♫

Seaworthy Style

Today it's pouring in Honolulu, but adventure on the high seas can't be rained out!

Today at the Pearl Ridge Mall, there was an event called Sea Rovers and Makeovers. It kicked off yesterday and lasts through tomorrow. There were specials in lots of stores, and even Marine Biology exhibits.

On the ground level of Uptown, there was a styling panel hosted by a fashion writer for the Star Advertiser. The looks were summery but casual, with exotic jewelry and bronze makeup.

In Swashbuckling Sephora, tenants in Pirate Pantaloons showed customers how to get the perfect pirate look with makeup palettes by Stila and Urban Decay.

Downtown, local extras who played in the new Pirates of the Caribbean Movie, Stranger Tides, signed promo posters for free outside of Pipe Dreams.

Shoppers could enter to win tickets to see the new Pirates movie, as well as $400 in Pearl Ridge gift certificates and more.

I went in pirate loli to meet up with some friends. It was a great exchuse to bust out my AATP Constellation jsk, which just came in from a trade yesterday! I wore it with a light pannier, my black AATP Sailor Blouse, black lace-topped socks and boots.

My friend got the bracelet for me at Icing. She saw it and said "It matches perfectly! You have to get it!" When I said I'd better not, she said "Then I'll get it for you!"

Kawaiikon 2011

カワイイ☆コン ’11

Kawaiikon 2011, Photo Recap!

土曜日 / Saturday
(I was Ruki, vocalist of The GazettE.)

日曜日 / Sunday
(Went more natural, in Vampire Forest)

Honestly I wish I switched my coordinates. The Cosplay Masquerade was hardly worth the effort. The judges were rude and the event was mismanaged. If I could re-do the weekend, I would have modeled in the Lolita Fashion Show instead of cosplaying, on Saturday.

I changed my mind at the last minute, because it was too hard to enter the Masquerade in Ruki, and model for the fashion show... Ruki's vkei makeup did not wash off until I took a hot shower, and the Sharpie from dying my wig turned the sides of my face and the back of my neck red.

I didn't spend enough time with all my friends either... I want a re-do, please.