Sugarcane, Cafe Laufer

The Ala Moana area isn't the only place to find things to do, as many well know! Yesterday, I headed out to Kaimuki for a Mori Girl and Dolly Kei meetup. We went to Cafe Laufer for lunch first, then afterwards, we poked around Sugarcane, a nearby vintage boutique.

Cafe Laufer has the cutest interior decor, just like a french cafe! They sell cakes, croissants, salads, sandwiches and more... but their quiche looked especially delicious! The prices are a little higher, but you pay for quality. Also, most of the drinks have unlimited refills.

My garden salad was huge!! But fresh and scrumptious. :3

It was even too much for my rabbit!

Sugarcane is right across the (back) parkinglot from Cafe Laufer. They sell consignment, as well as locally handmade items. You can find Betsey Johnson dresses, cute homemade totes, and vintage teasets all in one stop!

The little glass mushrooms, handmade items, and spirit of consignment were so Mori Girl, and perfect for the meetup. :3

Aside from the awesome meal and shopping op, I'm glad that more 'alternative' fashion groups are popping up in Hawaii! All the girls were also active in the lolita community, so we knew each other pretty well. One of my friends even came in Spank/Fairy Kei style. It was nice to see everyone in something a little more comfortable, haha!

Next... Visual Kei meet? Hahaha, I wish!

3565 Wai'alae Ave
Honolulu 96816

1137 11th Ave, #101
Honolulu 96816

Photos are my own~

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