Lolita Blog Carnival, Week 1: Coord for Under $100

Hey guys! Today I'll be doing my first post for a new blogging circle called Lolita Blog Carnival, founded by Caro-chan of F*Yeah Lolita

What is Lolita Carnival? Basically, it's a circle of Lolita bloggers who write and post about the same thing (a chosen theme) on the same day, and promote each other. It's a great way to find other awesome blogs with a Lolita focus, the themes boost blog productivity and readership, and on top of all that it's a lot of fun. If you're interested, then see if you meet the requirements and join the Facebook group to learn about upcoming themes!

This week's theme was fun, but much more challenging than I expected... design a full lolita coordinate, for under $100. 

Here is mine, put together using Polyvore!

Cream chiffon blouse- $18
High-waist corset skirt (Bodyline)- $40 
Black floral lace tights (Gap)- $15
Black Maryjane pumps (Target)- $25
Black rose corsage hair clip (Etsy)- $5
Grand total: $109. Close enough? ^^;
My main goals were to create something that still looked more expensive than $100, could be paired with new items as your wardrobe expands, and still fit my personal aesthetic. I think I did pretty well! 
I was most surprised to find the awesome pumps from Target. With the thin heel and shiny finish, they don't look too mature or work-ish for Lolita.

Here are some other blogs who participated this week! 

xoxo, Cherie

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