Manga Swap Meet at JCC

Good... well, morning darlings! It's 12:51 am on a sleepless Saturday in Hawaii. I've been up since about 6 am, when I rose to start applying makeup and getting dressed for a Manga Swap at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai'i.

The event started as a Courtyard Bazaar, and this year was taken over by anime, manga, video game goods and cosplayers. Animaid Cafe Hawaii was also there advertising for HEXXP, and they had a very exciting announcement.

Seiyuu (voice actor) Yao Kazuki, voice of Franky and others in the runaway hit anime Onepiece, will be a special guest at Animaid Cafe's One Piece Event on Friday October 19th. 

Its an event with a limited number of seats and tickets are going fast, but you can buy them online through Eventbrite, with the option to pay up-front or at the door. A light meal will be served with your choice of dessert- either parfait or fruit salad. There'll be Onepiece themed games and us Animaid workers will all be dressed in Onepiece cosplay or a special uniform. Very rarely do we get to put on this sort of theme, and we have the perfect location for this in Hawaii, right on the water at Aloha Tower! And with an amazing veteran voice actor, what more could you ask for?

Aside from that exciting announcement, there were a few contests going on at JCC today. First was a hall-style cosplay contest, which had so many talented entries, from Connor (Assassin's Creed) to Vocaloid to a big Inu x Boku SS group.

As for myself, I finally got to break out my cosplay of Midori, from "Shojou Tsubaki" / "Mr. Arashi's Amazing Freakshow". 

There was also a drawing contest, called "Draw your favourite character eating pizza". I entered on a whim, or more as a joke... but I ended up winning! I scored a nice set of drawing pens, with my scribble of Kotetsu from "Tiger and Bunny".

School has kept me very busy, especially since these courses are all heavy on reading... but today was a great day, and a great chance to unwind. I loved hanging out with my old friends, meeting up with some I haven't seen in over a year.

Other than that, I'm still getting ready for Miss Vamp Hawaii next month! My friend helped me take some photos to keep handy. 

Not too shabby huh? 

Well, until next time!

xoxo, Cherie

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