Vkei Night Out: The Circus

Me (far left), the spectacular Alice Demize (centre) and some fellow Circus goers. Street Snap courtesy of Photocyclone.

Hey guys, long time no post, as usual! 

Since returning to Hawaii, I found myself faced with a mountain of unexpected problems, concerning my major in particular. But luckily that has been sorted out, and I am now an International Studies major with a minor in Japanese. Nice? Nice. 

The tough times have been balanced out well, with plenty of opportunities to hang out with friends and make new acquaintances. One of the more interesting events I attended, was "The Circus" at Bar 35, presented by the China Town Newspaper. 

Everyone came dressed to impress. There was a bearded gentleman in a red satin dress, a suave monsieur in a top hat with an impressive handlebar mustache, and bar tending ballerinas in light-up tutus and corsets. 

My friend Alice Demize and I decided to go topsy-turvy... he wore feminine lolita (pictured above in the red velvet Baby dress), and I went boy style as a sort of visual kei Pierrot. (I'm on the far left.) Alice made almost all of our accessories, including the awesome top hats!

There were live DJs, a fashion show, and a performance by the Cherry Blossom Cabaret. There was a raffle, awarding free Cirque du Soleil tickets to a lucky winner. 

The theme was cool, the company was great and the venue classy. It was like an expensive loft more than anything, with black leather couches you could sink into, and private sitting areas behind metallic beaded curtains. I think the best part was that everyone was a good sport about dressing up, and everywhere we went people wanted to snap our photo. But I guess that's what happens when all your friends are photographers. 

Stay Spooky Darlings!

xoxo, Cherie.

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