Velvet Vintage

I've scored a few finds as I traversed my way through cascades of consignment shops.

Shop Review: Bonjour Honey

Ever since my last Purikura outing, I've been wanting a 2-way pearl strand star clip. The problem is, the demand and price of these have skyrocketed, and thus I always seemed to miss them on the comm sales.

Luckily, I discovered Bonjour Honey, run by thevisualbeast on LJ.

Bonjour Honey is a California based Etsy shop, that sells handmade replicas for only $14 shipped. They look just as good- maybe even better- than the originals!

Flashback Waltz

Well... I'm not in Hawaii anymore. Nothing could be sadder, except maybe a taxidermy Iguana.

Which is one of the many treasures I unearthed (price tag: $250) while scouring Antique shops in Seattle.

This photodump post is primarily dedicated to Caro-chan, who I hope will revel in these delightful curiosities and dolly kei memoirs.

Sayonara, Purikura

Friday afternoon, I met up with my loli friends at the Purikura Parlor, Funpix in Waikiki. They have all kinds of booths, from Mickey Mouse to Tsubasa-endorsed ones. I had to drop off some Q-pot Peace Chocolate bands for my friends, and figured we might as well have fun while we were at it!

I don't have my scanner since I'm moving, sorry! But in the mean time here are some scans I borrowed from my pals, haha~

The Roaming Lolita

I am always on the move- literally. In my family, we move at least every three years. This year, I'll be making two moves- first, I am helping my family transfer from Hawaii to Washington. Then this Fall, I'm flying for a one-year study abroad in Nagoya, Japan.

I've learned a lot through experience, about traveling with lolita! Here are a few pointers I'd like to share.

Q-Pot Peace Chocolate Bands

I'm sure most of my followers are familiar with Q-pot, a label dedicated to turning out the most indulgent jewelry and fashions. In response to the disaster in Japan this March, Q-pot released "Peace Chocolate" bands.

All proceeds go to Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief effort through NGO Save the Children, and the Japanese government of affected areas including, but not limited to Fukushima.

According to Q-pot's official site, almost 50,000 Peace bands have been sold as of May 31st 2011, raising JPY 23,928,000 (about $296,724).

Available in-store only, in Japan and the Ala Moana Shopping Center (Honolulu, HI), the bracelets cost 500 yen, or $7 in Hawaii. They come in four "flavors": Milk Choco, White Choco, Mint, and Strawberry.