Sayonara, Purikura

Friday afternoon, I met up with my loli friends at the Purikura Parlor, Funpix in Waikiki. They have all kinds of booths, from Mickey Mouse to Tsubasa-endorsed ones. I had to drop off some Q-pot Peace Chocolate bands for my friends, and figured we might as well have fun while we were at it!

I don't have my scanner since I'm moving, sorry! But in the mean time here are some scans I borrowed from my pals, haha~

I am the pink haired one in glasses! // n w n // The booth got a little crowded once everyone showed up. Try fitting 5 or 6 petticoats and such in a little booth.

We decided on a sweet theme. My friend Leslie wore 6% Doki Doki inspired attire, Patrick wore AATP's Alice Beardsley (!), my friend Sam wore Fantasic Dolly, and my friend Ashley wore Little Bear's Cafe with some of her adorable home made deco jewelry.

As for myself, I wore my ETC Decoration Cake Jsk, with a white blouse, and my red enamel Meta pumps that I wear with everything, haha. My friend Ashley, in the first Puri, let me borrow her gold Chocomint star hair clip. I never thought I wanted one before... but you know, it really pulled my outfit together!

I learned something new about the Purikura too! If you select "kiseki" for backgrounds, then you will get a seasonal selection. I noticed this before around Valentine's Day and Christmas, but didn't know it was available all year round. So for the summer season, we were able to select a festive fireworks background. It was my favorite in the set!

We all had fun, and everyone took turns decorating. Purikura is definitely one of my favorite kinds of meet-ups.

Afterwards, Ashley and I ran to Shirokiya for Ichigo daifuku (my favorite!). While we were all dressed up in line, a little boy and little girl came up with their parent's smart phone and asked, "Can we please take your picture?"

Hopefully I'll be all moved into my new place soon, so I can write real articles again. Till then, I'll see you around!

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  1. Purikura is so much fun! I love posing with friends and then decorating them together. Your purikura came out really cute! ^^

    Also, ichigo diafuku yessss such a yummy treat <3 I like the ones with sesame seeds too~