Velvet Vintage

I've scored a few finds as I traversed my way through cascades of consignment shops.

Today, I visited a shop in Silverdale that used to be a bank. They remodeled the entire building and opened it as an antique shop.

The coolest room in the whole place was their vault, which now houses valuables like sterling silver tableware. The gleaming black door and polished gold handle were left ajar, with metal bars restricting access (unless you are aided by a shop tenant). There was also a section for antique dolls that was like this. I was admiring a set of wooden Matryoshka dolls on a shelf, but couldn't get someone to let me in the room... ah well, Matryoshkas will remain a wishlist item.
I was getting discouraged, because I hadn't seen a hint of clothing anywhere in the shop. Finally towards the back, I found a climate controlled room with quilts, vintage laces, a box overflowing with gloves, painted trunks... ah, I didn't want to leave!

My finds from there are in the top picture: the white scalloped gloves ($5) and the green velvet hat ($13).

The velvet hat has a real rabbit fur pompom on the top. The ribbons need to be clipped and fraychecked but the deep emerald color is well preserved. 

It is a child's hat, so I'm thinking of tacking the side ribbons inside and sewing in a comb, so I can wear it as an off-center mini hat (a la Metamorphose).

As for the gloves, it was difficult finding a suitable pair. They had scores of real leather ones but most of them were too small for my hands. Luckily, I found this cloth pair in a basket of lace.

The seam where the thumb meets the palm has popped, but it can be repaired with some hand sewing. Other than that, the tiny embroidery is intact, the scalloping is adorable, and they are still clean white. 

When I got home, I started looking at 60's fashions. I discovered these Bobbie Brooks ads on image searches and loved the styles. (Look- white gloves!) I hope you like them too! I think some lolita fans will appreciate the silhouettes and details.

(But not necessarily the hair styles, that is one thing I could pass on~)

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