Vulpes vulpes.

Today, my Honey Cake Jsk came in! I was worried it would be too 'print overload' with my cream and brown polkadot blouse, but it's not so bad...

Honestly, I haven't had such great experiences with Angelic Pretty. Normally their items dont fit me right, or the material is too thin for my liking, but this is a seriously nice dress.
I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it on, for the most part. The print is adorable and full of details, without being overwhelming. The milk carton has the nutrition facts on the side, things like that.

I like how this print leans more towards Emily Temple cute's designs, which are a more 'demure' sort of cute to me. It's not radical/sugar high/in your face sweet, as AP tends to go.
AND I love bibbed Jsks. And it fits me well. So it passes. You win this time, AP. Now please direct me to that adorable matching Honey Bear jewelry...

Speaking of jewelry, here is another treasure I found, while wandering the local mall...

Fox earrings! I love foxes, but it's actually hard to find fox-themed things. In the spirit of rare fox items, I made an Etsy treasury celebrating my favorite member of the canine family.

Etsy is quite addictive. I never cared for it before, until I started adding people to my 'circle' and watching Treasuries. Then it became a treasure hunt for cool items.

Is anybody else on Etsy? I'm cherielavendre, I'll add you to my circle!

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