5 prints that should happen right now!

With all the dresses that have been released over the years- literally, thousands- you'd think that brands have made all the prints there are to make. Lately, brands seem to piggy back eachother, reinventing whatever print their rivals made last season. 

Is it possible that designers are in a rut? I sat down and brain stormed things I'd like to see in lolita prints, that haven't been done before. Here's what I came up with.

#1: Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

It seems a collaboration has been done for everything, from Jrock bands to Kuromi, so why haven't these icons made it to frilly gathered glory? Chances are, it would cost a fortune in royalties to get away with a Disney collab dress.

... or would it? In 2009, Metamorphose temps de fille released a Nightmare Before Christmas Dress Set, available at the Shinjuku shop only, for 36,540 yen. That comes out to about $455 USD today. 

Sure the price was steeper, and who knows how few dresses were actually made, but the point is it could be done! Maybe Mickey and Minnie will be donning their bloomers sooner than you think.

#2. Dalmations

Maybe I was stuck on a Disney theme when I thought of it, but I would love to see a Dalmation dress.  The black, white and red color scheme is stylish, and could be complimented with polkadots, twill or tartan.

In the past, brands have turned out prints with poodles and bichon frises, how about something a little less frou-frou and more playful?

#3. Paints and art supplies

I have a bias as a painter, but I think paint tubes and palettes could be super cute!

You could also use paint brushes, 'a la mode' style girls in artist berets, watercolor textures... as long as they didn't go too overboard with the colors, it could be the new 'Toybox' print!

#4. Chocolate dipped pretzels

These used to be one of my favorite snacks when I was little! I always loved the combination of sweet and salty. I think the lolita world wouldn't mind taking a break from cake, chocolate and parfaits.

#5. Foxes!

Innocent World, why aren't you on this? It seems like they should have made a fox kit print by now!

In the past woodland prints such as fawns and squirrels have been successful. I think foxes would appeal to a large audience, and could be toned down to match brown, ivory, green or sax colorways easily. A print with foxes chasing leaves? Perfect.

There are other things I'd like to see more of: Matryoshka dolls a la Jane Marple, Emily Temple cute's handkerchief print, and the 50s nostalgia of Meta's Pop Swinger just to name a few. One thing is for certain, the trend of printed lolita dresses may be in a rut, but it's not going away.

Designers haven't exhausted their resources yet. Wanna prove it? I want to see your top five print ideas too!

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