The Roaming Lolita

I am always on the move- literally. In my family, we move at least every three years. This year, I'll be making two moves- first, I am helping my family transfer from Hawaii to Washington. Then this Fall, I'm flying for a one-year study abroad in Nagoya, Japan.

I've learned a lot through experience, about traveling with lolita! Here are a few pointers I'd like to share.

  1. Flights are long and cramped. Wear something comfortable, as a service to yourself and others! I kept a Metamorphose "Teddy Motors" jumpsuit to wear on the plane, which ended up being extremely comfortable!

Except mine was dark blue denim, which served multiple purposes: first, it didn't attract that much negative attention, and second... when a guy stumbled in the aisle and spilled coffee on my sleeve, the stain was practically invisible! Imagine, if I had been wearing something light pink?!

2. Finish all trades before you move. Make sure International trades arrive ahead of time! This is sort of a 'duh' tip, but trust me, it may not always be your fault if something doesn't arrive on time. The post office, or the other person, or customs, are human and make mistakes.

Once I traded with someone, and the other trade participant was late shipping out; and as it turned out, she had to send it to the hotel I was staying at! That could have been a huge regret, if the package was stolen, or didn't arrive before I checked out.

3. Pack items that match well. Go for versatile and casual pieces, like Hangry and Angry cutsews, which can be thrown on with denim jeans, skirts or shorts for an effortlessly cool and comfortable look. These things will also resist wrinkling when balled up in a suitcase.

For more 'formal' lolita items, try to pick things that can be worn casually and 'full out lolita'.

This time around, I am packing these loli items in my suitcase:

2 blouses- one white, one black
2 light weight jsks (ETC)
2 heavier weight jsks (Meta and BTSSB)
White tights
Light crinoline/petti
Red enamel shoes (Meta)
Red purse
Matching accessories (bows, corsages, hair pins, etc)

+ matching items from my casual wardrobe (cardigans, scarves, sunglasses, etc)

The jsks I chose all have red or pink in the print, so they easily match with my limited shoe and bag choices. I chose designs that could either be dressed up with a blouse and tights, or worn alone with a simple cardigan.

4. For bulky items, Space Bag it. These are storage bags which you vacuum the air out of, creating a tight seal which reduces the amount of space a garment takes up. When you break the seal, the clothes 'puff up again', but with less wrinkles- and pettis are uncrushed!

Pack things well in the Space Bag and in your suitcase! Certain lolita things may cause problems.

For example, instead of folding bonnets, lay them flat to prevent creasing the brim.

Be careful of wired headbows, so the wire inside is not bent out of place to the point of damage.

If you have plastic or fragile jewelry, you may want to wrap it in tissue paper and store it in a zippered pouch. 

Double check to see you have all the detachable parts of your garment, such as sleeves, brooches, and waist ties, if applicable. You'll be sorry later when you realize you forgot something hundreds of miles away!

5. Most importantly, only take what you're comfortable with, and what is reasonable. I chose things my family would be comfortable seeing, that were not too fragile, and which could be worn in different climates. I also made sure loli only made up 1/3 of my suitcase max, because chances are, I'll be wearing it less than 1/3 of the time, right?

Follow these tips, and no matter how long your trip is, I'm sure you'll have an easier time packing loli for your travels. A happy journey starts with a happy suitcase!

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  1. thanks for the advice! I am going to move soon for the first time on my own and I really don't know how I am going to pack.