Shop Review: Bonjour Honey

Ever since my last Purikura outing, I've been wanting a 2-way pearl strand star clip. The problem is, the demand and price of these have skyrocketed, and thus I always seemed to miss them on the comm sales.

Luckily, I discovered Bonjour Honey, run by thevisualbeast on LJ.

Bonjour Honey is a California based Etsy shop, that sells handmade replicas for only $14 shipped. They look just as good- maybe even better- than the originals!

The star clip was packed in bubble wrap, sent in a padded envelope. It included a sticker and handwritten note! The packaging was adorable to boot. It was sent via USPS First Class Mail, with a tracking number. Not bad at all, since $14 was inclusive of shipping and fees!

Since each one is handmade by the artisan, you can choose custom colors for your stars and pearls. I stuck with the original gold and white design, this time around, because it will match almost everything. 

It is sturdy, and I'm pretty sure exactly the same size as the original. It can be worn in your hair or pinned to clothing. Bonjour Honey uses heavier, higher quality pearls than the original too!

I'll definitely be ordering again, that was an awesome deal for the quality and service. :3

In other news, I am doing fine moving in. I haven't had the chance to dress up yet, but we've been very busy. We just found the local post office, which of course is of the utmost importance to a lolita, haha. My next few weeks will be packed, with getting my Student Visa, packing for Japan, and hopefully a summer job. Wish me luck~

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