Flashback Waltz

Well... I'm not in Hawaii anymore. Nothing could be sadder, except maybe a taxidermy Iguana.

Which is one of the many treasures I unearthed (price tag: $250) while scouring Antique shops in Seattle.

This photodump post is primarily dedicated to Caro-chan, who I hope will revel in these delightful curiosities and dolly kei memoirs.

Some vintage fishing baskets. I think this hip style basket would be a cute look for Mori and Dolly, if made new and functional for every day use. 

Speaking of bags, have you seen these retro airline bags? They had tons of them in an antique store in Hawaii, and I found some here too. They were given as little souvenir type things for flying, back in the days when it was considered an upper-class thing to travel. 

In some Waikiki boutiques and online retailers, I've seen companies recreating these vintage bags for $45+. The real vintage deal is available in mint condition for around $20. Cool, yes?

Sperm Whale Oil 

Fresh Fish! Frish?

Yes, freaking fresh fish

I loved the velvet mantle on this mannequin, with the lace collar and all.

Male Dolly Kei outfits are hard to imagine sometimes, but I think I found one!

The military style hat had a cross on it. I'm not sure what the origin or story was, and neither did the shop worker. =/ Anyone?

Wow, a real Nantucket basket! My mom has a replica, and I've always wanted one... this one had a whale carved out of bone on the top, and was for sale for $325.

The displays in Seattle were beautiful. Everything was spaced and arranged precisely, so I couldn't help but snap a picture every time I turned around.

I didn't even get to try a cafe or restaurant when I was out. We breezed through Pike's Place, passing obscure chocolateries and cafes before making our way back to the ferry. But that's all right, I'm sure I'll go again before I leave in August.

Next time, I want to find the International district!


  1. I love all of these pictures :D I completely love everything you found, especially that nun doll in the belljar! I would have probably fainted if I found something like that.

    I'm really loving all the clothes too. I am hopelessly in love with antique clothes, but, I'm about a foot too tall and a foot too wide to ever wear any of them XD

  2. Wow, this is really cool!
    I'd love to see more location posts from you, there really interesting xD