Lolita Blog Carnival: 3 Lolita trends I could never get into.

Hello darlings! About a week ago I did my first post for LBC, or Lolita Blog Carnival. The project is meant to create a network of Lolitas, boosting productivity and readership. Plus with every prompt, you get many insights into one style, which I think is great! 

As you can see, my prompt for last week shot to the top of my most viewed entries, with over a thousand hits! That considered, I think the project will only have great things to come. On that note, welcome again new followers, and on with the Carnival!

This week's theme is: Three Lolita Trends I Could Never Get Into.

One thing to keep in mind is this isn't meant to criticise or rag on trends- I'm focusing on it as something I wouldn't want to wear personally. 

Though not exactly "pastel goth", this is a good example of Pop Kei x Lolita.
#1. Pastel Goth x Lolita; Pop Kei x Lolita.

Recently a lot of Western lolitas have been combining Pastel Goth style with lolita: where pastel sweet lolita prints are paired with mostly black accessories, with a few bat wings, space things and eyeball rings thrown in. The main colours are neon purple or lavender, mint green, and monochrome. The style also tends to use pastel split or peekaboo wigs. 

Again, the main difference between Pastel Goth + Lolita and Bittersweet Lolita, is Pastel Goth throws in things that aren't typically lolita, such as eyeball purses, punk accessories or bats. 

On the surface, this style should be the poster child for my blog title, "Darkly Darling", but the neon elements are too eighties for my taste, remniscent of Deco and Fairy Kei of which I'm not a fan, and lacks the mystery I enjoy in darker styles of lolita. Some people pull it off, but to me, it looks like a kid's cartoon network exploded, princess shows, super hero shows and all.

The other thing that struck me as odd was I didn't see this catching on in Japan... I saw just creepy-cute styles, or just Pop kei certainly, but never cross-bred with lolita. Yet, it's very popular in the west. 

#2. Split Wigs.

I remember the first time I opened up to a Kera Street Snap, way back when in high school land, and saw a girl with two-toned hair. I obsessed over that hair style, and thought wow, how cool, how unique! How I wish my mom would let me bleach one side of my head! (Back in that day, it was the girl's own hair, not a wig.) 

Time passed, two or four years maybe, and split wigs became all the rage... and it wasn't just blonde and black, but every colour imaginable. You could have half of your head match anything your wardrobe threw at you. Everyone and their mama had split hair now. And the value and originality of the idea was lost. Not that it always looks bad, but I've lost the desire to try it now.

#3. Socks and Sandals.

Is this even a trend? I'm not sure, but I see it in Keras once in a while. Of course now that it counts, I can't find a photo, but I'm sure you've seen it too: Lolita wearing sandals with knee-high or ankle socks.

On one hand, I understand. In and out of lolita, people in Japan sometimes wear socks with sandals. The same thing goes for Hawaii. Why is that? Well in Japan and Hawaii, it is customary to take your shoes off before you go into someone's house. 

In Hawaii it's more normal if you walk barefoot inside, but in Japan people tend to be a little more conservative/clean and wear socks. I understood this when I went to an Izakaya in sandals without socks, and they expected us to remove our shoes before we climbed into our booth to drink and eat. I was so self-conscious! Whether it's rational or not, you get that paranoia like "Oh my god, what if my feet smell?" Were they grossed out before they ate? Haha, it all sounds so silly in retrospect but I was so self-conscious at the time!

So my theory is, in Japan people where socks under sandals in case they have to take off said sandals. I won't jump to any more conclusions or make assumptions, but during my year in Japan, I just noticed people wear more socks. Don't ask me why. xD

But whether it's justified or not, a cute pedicure looks way better in sandals to me. And with Lolita, I wouldn't be wearing sandals anyway.

Now, this post is sounding way too whiny to me, so I'd like to end on a positive note: Three trends in Lolita I want to try!

#1. Ribbon Boots, a la Victorian Maiden.

To me, these look comfortable and elegant! It is the best of both worlds- heels and boots. The ribbons are also whimsical and remind me of ballet slippers.

#2. Top Hats, Vests, Boystyle Elements.

I love it when masculine and feminine fashions mix, so why not apply that to Lolita? It's this balance between structured kodona and girly lolita that have made me adore Meta's school suits, AP's Blazer-Vest-Skirt sets, and top hats. I think top hats with veils and adornments look just as good with Lolita coordinates, as they do boy style.

#3. Deco Nails.

Scratch a record break a plate hold the phone WHAT? Cherie and deco nails? 

Yes, it's true. Though I've never liked sweet, deco, fairy kei, spank, whatever sugary incarnate you can bake, fluff or swirl, I've always liked the look of overdone, ridiculous nails. Of course I'd want my own spin on it... a crown, key, rose or butterfly, instead of desserts. Maybe even a simple design of card suits.

I've never been a big nail person, but I think it looks polished- no pun intended. So for that, I wouldn't mind being more darling than usual.

Well, I think that is enough judgment and unwarranted self-importance for one day! Enough about my own Lolita ideals, how about seeking some other ideas? 

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xoxo, Slightly Sarcastic Cherie

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