Top three cafes I want to visit.

I am a cafe enthusiast. I've always adored the extravagance that goes into theme cafes, whether it's in Japan or in countries I haven't seen yet. 

In the future, I plan to open my own cafe in Hawaii (hopefully with a certain stylish kodona partner, if all goes according to plan). As such, I'm always thinking of ideas, and looking up unique cafes, day dreaming of the day I can open the doors to my own special place. 

Since I've had cafes on the brain constantly the past day or two, I wanted to share the top three cafes I want to visit before I die... and guess what! They're not all in Japan!


Cafe #1: Hospitalis

Location: Riga, Latvia

I have known of Hospitalis for a long time now, and finally a decent article has been written about it on Amusing Planet. The morbidly designed dishes are served with surgical tools as eating utensils, and beverages in flasks or IV bags. The waitresses, dressed as nurses, will even feed you in a straight jacket if you ask. 

The cafe is less creepy than it is tongue-in-cheek, as if poking fun at the grotesque, which is exactly the kind of thing I like. Not to mention I am a sucker for anything medical themed, which makes Hospitalis #1 on my must-visit bucket list. 

I highly recommend checking out Amusing Planet's article here for a more descriptive first-hand report.


Cafe #2: Pudding

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Website: WePudding

Though this cafe looks "normal" from the street, when you walk in it's as if you've entered a Big Top Circus meets Alice in Wonderland. 

One room has ceilings flounced with red and white tapestries and white lights, while another has a giant book case, library knick-knacks and bric-a-bracs and a mural like Alice's Mad Tea Party. Everything from drawing supplies to iPads are provided to entertain you. 

For me, the imaginative decorating and dream-like atmosphere make this #2 on my list. Besides, my inner child is dying to go.


Cafe #3: Vampire Cafe

I can't help but choose at least one cafe from Japan... and even then, it was hard to pick from all the dream locations I want to see in Tokyo alone! Should I write about Kokusyoku Sumire's cafe Sumire no Tenmado, or perhaps Christon Cafe? The infamous Alice in Wonderland Cafe in Shinjuku?

No. For it's decor of full coffins, walls of melting candles, numerous themed rooms and hallways with projections of flowing red blood cells, I had to choose the Vampire Cafe in Ginza.

Vampire Cafe features not one, nor two, but six unique rooms to take in. And every bit of it is so beautiful! 

Every dish seems pain stakingly created, with elements like chocolate coffins, and thorny briars drawn in syrup.

Every detail is thought of, so your experience is unique, cohesive, and intricate. It's one of those places that as soon as you see a photo, you instantly identify the place. I want to create a place as unique and beautiful as that! 

One ulterior motive to this Cafe bucket list, is it requires world traveling to complete it. I can never satisfy my wander lust!

Sweet dreams and dinings, darlings~ 

xoxo, Cherie.

PS- I have some super exciting news...

I've been selected to model for ATELIER PIERROT at HEXXP-con this year!


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