LBC: 3 Prints I'd Like to See.

It's Friday again darlings, which means it's time for the weekly Lolita Blog Carnival prompt!

This week was especially interesting, because rather than give a straight opinion on lolita fashion, the blog ring leaders got to work the creative side of their brain. The prompt this week, was "three prints you would like to see brands make."

For those not familiar with the loli lingo, a "print" is the printed design on a dress. It can be a border print (along the bottom hem of a skirt), an all-over repeated pattern, or it can even refer to striped and floral "wallpaper" designs.

My goal was to draw out all of my ideas, but with school and preparing for the Miss Vamp Hawaii pageant tonight, I totally ran out of time.

#1. Madeline (et Genevieve).

Prints often feature delicate princesses or famous fairy tales, so why not the beloved character Madeline? Few princesses have more spunk than this redhead, who can not even be scared by tigers at the zoo.

For the pattern, I think repetition of her iconic yellow sailor hat, little white gloves, or mary jane shoes would be adorable, and her loyal dog Genevieve would be a nice addition. Or if you wanted to get really detailed with the background, you could do scenes in Madeline's home of Paris... where some of the most beautiful architecture in the world can be found.

Which brings me to my next suggestion...

#2. Le Ballon Rouge.

Though not the most attractive book cover, it spurs a lot of ideas. I picture the urban landscape of Paris in silhouettes or girly illustrations, a lone red balloon bobbing along the skyline with a long, curly tail, maybe furling in the shape of a heart. Then, somewhere in the print, should be a lolita silhouette soaring in the sky, holding on to a huge cluster of multicoloured balloons. 

Speaking of soaring away, my last must-see print involves a Little Prince, who set off on a journey of his own across space...

#3. Le Petit Prince.

I must admit a certain bias, because this is one of my favourite books. Not only is it charming, but it is a book that grows with you. 

Though the Prince has many adventures suitable for a print, I think a straight forward, deep blue dress with yellow stars, and the Prince on his little planet with his rose would be perfect. I think his planet could be shown a few times in the print, depicting different scenes... him tending to the planet's volcanoes, maybe playing with a sheep, watching the sun set, and finally, taking a sweet, innocent nap next to his rose in the bell jar. 

Those are three prints I'd love to see. 

I've also done a post like this in the past, from last July I think? You can check it out here for some of my other ideas!

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