Darkly Darling at Kawaiikon 2015

Aloha, Darlings!

I apologize for the lack of updates since New Year, but life, as always, has been incredibly crazy.

I do want to post a quick update regarding this year's Kawaiikon, though!

First off, what is Kawaii Kon?

It is Oahu's original and so far, dominant anime convention. Other cons have come and gone, such as HEXXP and Oni-con, but Kawaiikon has reigned supreme and been around for over a decade.

You can read some more about Kawaiikon here, in a recent article called "Defend Kawaii". (It is a spoof on the popular local "Defend Hawaii" propaganda. The logo is usually displayed as a big window decal with an AK-47, on pick-up trucks with reggae flags flying off the back. Almost exclusively.)

As for this year's Kawaiikon, there are a few note worthy events local J-fashion enthusiasts should be aware of, some of which I am teaching or hosting myself!

First and foremost, is the Kawaiikon-hosted "An Afternoon with Akira". (For more information, see Kkon's page here.)

Akira is a female Japanese model I have adored for many years. She has an enchantingly androgynous look, and a rock-star style all her own. She is an accomplished model in the Japanese alternative style circuit and the talented vocalist of her own band, DISACODE.

Kawaiikon will be hosting a full catered tea party, including a meet-and-greet and photo with Akira. Each guest will also receive a special gift.

The gorgeous Akira, modelling Alice and the Pirates.

The growing J-fashion Hawaii community will also be hosting a panel on Saturday, titled "J-fashion Social". More details will be announced later.

It is the first event of its kind for J-fashion Hawaii, a locally-geared fashion community with a focus on Japanese street fashions and alternative styles. J-fashion Hawaii is currently the supporting force for the local Hawaii Harajuku Fashion Walk, which just celebrated its 9th meet-up at the Honolulu Festival last weekend (more on that later).

Later on Saturday Night, I am teaching a panel on Shironuri Fashion, titled "Shironuri Wonderland: A J-fashion Panel".

As a practitioner of Shironuri for about three years now, I thought it'd be nice to clear up some misconceptions and stigmas of the style, explaining its past and history, and showing the amazing directions it's gone in internationally.

Some topics I'll be covering include:
-Introduction to Shironuri
-History of Shironuri Fashion
-Shironuri around the world
-Shironuri Music, Manga, and other Pop Culture
-Makeup materials and application tutorial, possibly with a volunteer model.

Shironuri fans and Shironuri curious alike are welcome to attend.

Last but not least, on Sunday I am hosting my own fashion show.
(RSVP here, at Darkly Darling: A Very Important Date.)

I have been working tirelessly on my own original Lolita designs, since my first fashion show at the Hawaii Horror Ball last August, and RAW Honolulu last September. I decided it was about time I take my designs to an audience that understands them, and Kawaiikon seemed like the perfect place to do it.

The theme, of course is Lolita and Aristocratic fashions, with an Alice in Wonderland production theme.

There will be a Q&A afterward. You are welcome to come whether you dress in Lolita or not.

One of my models, wearing my designs. Photo by QPJ Photography.

Of course, to attend any of these panels you must purchase a Kawaiikon pass, either for the entire weekend or the day of the panel you wish to attend. Con badges can be purchased here, or at the door.

Kawaiikon takes place from Friday, March 27- Sunday, March 29 this year.

Well, that's certainly enough news to shake a stick at! But what have I been up to lately?

I'll make it short and sweet!

As I mentioned before, I attended the 9th Hawaii Harajuku Fashion Walk at the Honolulu Festival. There were only 4 J-fashion Hawaii members present besides myself, but it was still fun to enjoy the festival with friends.

HFW attendance has been on the decline lately! I hope we meet new fans at Kawaiikon this year or more of our older members can come back.

Anywhoo, I thought it was a great opportunity to try out my new Innocent World "Antique Tartan" Jsk.

JSK: Innocent World
Blouse, Shoes, Accessories: Offbrand
Jewellery: Kate Spade, Juicy Couture
Wig: GLW "Gamine"
I also dressed up for "Hina Matsuri / Girl's Day" earlier this month. Though it is not as widely celebrated in the mainland US, it is certainly observed here in Hawaii because of the large Japanese community.

OP: Handmade
Bonnet: Handmade
Blouse: Offbrand
Wig: GLW "Heartbreaker"

Other than that, I have been very busy working, haha. When I am not physically at work I am sewing my butt off at home! But I enjoy every minute of it... I suppose.

Well, until the next far-too-long-awaited blog post! Thank you to the supporters and new readers who stick around!