Kawaiikon 2011

カワイイ☆コン ’11

Kawaiikon 2011, Photo Recap!

土曜日 / Saturday
(I was Ruki, vocalist of The GazettE.)

日曜日 / Sunday
(Went more natural, in Vampire Forest)

Honestly I wish I switched my coordinates. The Cosplay Masquerade was hardly worth the effort. The judges were rude and the event was mismanaged. If I could re-do the weekend, I would have modeled in the Lolita Fashion Show instead of cosplaying, on Saturday.

I changed my mind at the last minute, because it was too hard to enter the Masquerade in Ruki, and model for the fashion show... Ruki's vkei makeup did not wash off until I took a hot shower, and the Sharpie from dying my wig turned the sides of my face and the back of my neck red.

I didn't spend enough time with all my friends either... I want a re-do, please.

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