Blooming Garden Jsk

Meta Madness has claimed me once again- and another member of my closet. This week I traded a Moitie Jsk for Meta's highwaist Blooming Garden Jsk, in the ivory color way. If it were any other color I'd have said no, but the brilliant blue in this print had me at 'bonjour'.

To be honest, the stock photos for this piece were underwhelming at best... it makes it look flat, white and starchy. In person, it's delicate, rich, and gorgeous. For one thing, it's not boring-old-white at all! The base color is rich ivory with honey-cream vertical pinstripes.

A majestic manor with iron gates wraps around the border of the skirt, in the distance beyond a sage and ivy colored garden. Boughs of blue and periwinkle roses bunch and drape to frame cafe tables and fountains overflowing with honey. The top half of the skirt and bodice is printed with 'floating' blue bows, rose blooms, and "Metamorphose" written in cursive blue ribbon.

I had tried it on with all cream before, but wanted to see how it would look with black. I wonder if it is too overwhelming?
+ Headdress: BTSSB
+ Blouse: Meta
+ JSK: Meta
+ Usakumya (medium): BTSSB
+ Parasol: BTSSB
+ Socks: Forever21
+ Shoes: ALDO

The print and design are so delicate, it's hard to say.

There's my favorite part- the brilliant blue ribbon in the back.

Jewel tones seem to be popular this year, especially with Alice and the Pirates. 

I love the trend personally, because jewel tones compliment my skin tone better. Since living in Hawaii my skin has become much tanner, and much freckle-ier (*cursed redhead*)...  when I wear pastels, I think I look too tan. When I wear darker hues and rich gem tones, it makes my skin look more golden, less pink. 
This piece is a little dark to tell, but it is deep Navy. I won it on Yahoo! Japan auctions this week, for about 15,000円. Not bad, considering this Jsk is still for sale in the webshop for much more. The matching headbow was for sale too, but I'd rather make my own rose combs for this one.

This was my favorite cut of the whole "Vampire Forest" series. I'll let you know how it lives up to other AATP items. 

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  1. I love the coordinate! I am such a fan of pastel JSKs matched up with black pieces, I think it looks really cute.

    I never knew that blooming garden had pinstripes in the background, that's just adorable. Loving the headdress too! I finally wore one out for the first time in years the other day!