LBC: What's on your Lolita Playlist?

And a whole whopping day late, here is my entry to the Lolita Blog Carnival this week!

Do you feel the music you listen to is connected to how you dress? I've always believed this and found deep inspiration from the music I listen to. The feeling it creates inside can be reflected in how you dress; or maybe you're the opposite, and listen to music to create an atmosphere around you to reflect your clothing.

No matter what, music and fashion seem to go hand in hand, which is why this week's theme is: What's on your Lolita Playlist?

I had two issues writing this prompt: first, I am always listening to music. I even listen to heavier music while in lolita. Second, typically "lolita" music is dominated by two things: bright bubbly melodies and saccharine sweet female vocals, and I like neither.

So, I tried my best to pick examples from my library that represent my own style, and hopefully give you the final sense of lolita.

#1. Kokusyoku Sumire

This duet team is, arguably, an acquired taste. Not everyone likes the operatic vocals or folksy violin. However I find their music enchanting, with the same quality as Grimm's Fairy Tales. You can see this reflected, in their website bio:

The Kokusyoku Sumire Tale,  The Kingdom of Fairy Tales - a small world that exists in everyone's heart. This is where Kokusyoku Sumire was born. The Kokusyoku Sumire girls appear in moments like when you open the lid of a childhood treasure box...along with the shiny jewels within. The girls tell many tales with beautiful melodies: They tell of a young crusader at sea, a young boy falling in love with the moon, an elegant afternoon enjoyed by little ladies, and even the scary story of the Little Red Riding Hood at times. But whatever the tale, they will always bring your spirit up by the end of it. So, close your eyes and look inside your heart. See, the girls are right there smiling next to you!

 My favourites in particular are "Gekko Renka" ("Moonlight Love Song") and "Akai Kutsu Syndrome" (Red Shoes Syndrome).

#2. Dolly

Though I always loved their style, I wasn't in love with Dolly until I attended their "Iris in Wonderland" live this year. Their style ranges from rock to dance, with that distinct visual kei flavour thrown in. Their new album "Toroimerai" features songs with more fairy tale references, such as "Mother Goose", and another ode to the red shoes tale, "Akai Kutsu to eri". 

My favourite for lolita days though, is "Gothic Party". It has an old world carnival feel, with the modern jrock twist. It's often stuck in my head! "Nijiiro no kanaria" ("Rainbow Canary") is also really catchy!

#3. Aural Vampire

Another group I wasn't sold on, until I saw them live in Hawaii a few years ago (back before the Pipeline Cafe was closed down). My friends and I were the first to arrive at the venue, hours before the show. Much to our surprise, no one else was early for the show. While we waited outside in lolita, we heard them doing a sound check, so went into the lobby to enjoy the a/c and try and catch a glimpse of the female vocalist, Exochika. Unfortunately the staff kicked us out. But a few songs later, Exochika herself came out to say hi to us, and took her picture with us on her phone. That made the wait worth all the while!

Not only are Exochika and Raveman's wardrobe amazing, but their songs stick in your head. If I were ever to host a gothic lolita fashion show, the models would walk to Aural Vampire.

My personal favourites are "Freeeeze!!", "Darkwave Surfer", and "Hot Blood Workout". 

#4. Malice Mizer

I KNOW I KNOW. You saw that coming thirty miles away on a flat stretch of desert. 

But you can't deny it... whether the vocalist is Klaha or Gackt, be they in suits or in ten-foot-wide black angel wings, they demand your attention and transport you to another realm. The classic "Gekka no yasoukyoku" ("Moonlight Nocturne") throws you into a gothic love story with dark foreboding beneath the melody. "Illuminati" gives you a totally different gothic flavour, and "Beast of Blood is deeper and heavier, but still lovely. 

It may be a bias, but one of my favourite songs is "Ma Cherie". :P

#5. Ali Project

Not only has the vocalist, Arika Takarano written for the Gothic & Lolita Bible, but she's also well known for her operatic voice, made famous for many anime opening and closing themes. I love her for her incredible stage wardrobe, surprisingly dark and sinister lyrics, ("Kneel down and lick my feet"; "What in the hell is sin anyway?") and the dramatic stories told through her music videos. 

I hate linking to Youtube videos because they don't last forever, if you watch one Ali Project video, I'd recommend this one:

It is my aesthetic in every way, haha! I really love it. 

xoxo, Cherie

Here are the other Lolita DJs spinning under the tent this week:

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