Hospitality Doll Set

After about a year of 'hunting', I finally got my hands on the Pink OP from Hospitality Doll (2003).

The waist ties are detachable, and the white lace has crosses embroidered on it. There's matching bloomers too!

The seller also had the brooch and ring, still new with tags in their packaging.

I'm sure you're wondering, how I was lucky enough to snag the set in such great condition.

I was searching for images for 'research' on Hospitality Doll, and followed a link through to a dated sales post on Livejournal. There were ancient comments inquiring on the set, but from the looks of it, no one committed to a sale. For the hell of it, I left a comment asking if it was available... I couldn't believe my eyes when the seller responded, that it had never been sold!

That was how it finally came into my life. I adore it, but a word to the wise- it's extremely short! My KKJJ petticoat peeks for about an inch under the lace hem.

I want to make a giant syringe prop. I'll start with a nurse headdress though.

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  1. AWW Adorable.
    It was worth the trouble of finding I'm sure.