30 Days of Loli: 10 Things I Need in Lolita

Gokigenyou, darlings!

Sorry for the brief delay, I took a couple days off from blogging for work and the holidays. I hoped to do this entry on Thanksgiving, and tie it in with "Things I'm Thankful For" in Lolita, but I suppose it's not too late for that.

When I think about Lolita, and things I "Need", I think about a lot of current wants that align with my mood, aesthetic, or trends. But when I try to narrow it down to fundamental things I'll always need, or that completely changed my approach to Lolita, the bulk of it ended up being cosmetics.

For me, Lolita is a total transformation, from hair to makeup to how I carry myself. With that in mind, I wrote today's entry, "10 Things I Can't Live Without in Lolita".

1. Colour Contacts/Circle Lenses.

Geo's "Nudy Angel" series.

There are some discrepancies on the safety of circle lenses. I've been using them for about four years and have never had problems, but I always buy them from a trusted retailer like Pinky Paradise or Honey Color.

I use circle lenses in everything from cosplay, to shironuri, and absolutely in Lolita. They add an air of enchantment that take the outfit up a notch, to another character, or pulling together the colours in an outfit. They also make a dramatic impact in photo shoots, or even photos at meet-ups.

My personal favourites are the Geo Nudy Angel series, in grey, green, and blue.

Me, wearing Geo Nudy Angel in Blue. 

2. False eyelashes.

Spring Heart lashes, available at Donki in Hawaii.

Like circle lenses, false lashes add that extra "oomph" to your outfit and make your eyes pop in photos. Though natural looks are always okay, I personally prefer the dramatic effect of a well-coordinated lash. I usually look for something not too heavy, but with some fullness.

My personal favourites are the Japanese brand "Spring Heart". I like them not only for their cute lash shapes, but also for their amazing glue! A sample size is usually included in each pair of lashes.

Tip: Whenever I get a new pair of lashes, I always try them on and clip them with scissors so they are just the right length. It helps keep them in place better and accentuate the natural shape of your eye.

Me, wearing some Spring Heart eyelashes.

3. Wigs.

I love wigs!!

Personally, I was always insecure about my hair because of its unruly texture, hard to coordinate colour, and frizz that would refuse to die. Discovering wigs changed my life, confidence in my outfit, and the range of outfits I could do.

My favourite wig brands are Priscilla and Gothic Lolita Wigs.

With my friend, Gina. I'm wearing GLW's retired "Lady Grace" style. 

4. Head gear.

As stupid as it sounds, there is nothing sadder than a Lolita without anything on her head. Even if you're wigging it, at least add a simple side bow, beret, top hat, anything!

If you don't have the matching headbow to an outfit, or a bunch of "brand" accessories lying around, have no fear! Never underestimate the power of a single rose clip from your favourite store to boost your outfit's impact.

A single rose clip saved my outfit!

I am also an advocate of hand-made items, so an original rose crown, headbow, or hairclip would always be a great addition!

5. Too Faced's "The Secret to 'No Makeup' Makeup" Palette. 

To achieve the perfect, dewy and rosy look of Lolita, look no further than this palette. It also includes a handy-dandy pamphlet with an introductory, easy-to-understand guide to simple contouring and highlighting, essential for the perfect doll-like face of Lolita.

My only criticism is that this only comes in a very light skin tone. 

6. Purikura.

We don't always have time to do full-on photo shoots, and trying to snag a selfie with everyone at a meetup could be difficult. 

That's why I find purikura essential! It's a simple and fun passtime as an addition to a meet-up. It's basically a large photobooth that everyone can help choosing backgrounds for, posing in, and decorating! 

I normally like to decorate the photos around the theme for the day, such as an outfit, twinning, or where we had our meetup.

Twinning in Honey Cake, in Nagoya.

7. Support. 

In Lolita; especially when first starting; you can be the most confident person there is, and still feel self-doubt when you step outside the door. What helped the most was knowing that I had friends and family to support me. That didn't really happen until I moved back to Hawaii, and discovered the local community here.

I remember trembling when I first went out in Lolita, and how fast my heart beat. These days, it just feels like my regular clothes, thanks to the support I've had from friends and family.

Other than that, there really isn't much in Lolita I "can't live without". My tastes are always changing and evolving. I could say that confidence is essential, but even that isn't true. I am one of the least confident people I know, who somehow managed to like herself through Lolita and embracing my own aesthetics and self-expression.

In Lolita, you can make or purchase anything you would like to be in on the style and culture. The truly essential things will vary from person to person, but honestly the most important things will always be friends to support you, and belief in your own creativity to make what characters and outfit you imagine a reality.

Xoxo, Cherie

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