LBC: Spring Lolita Fashion Forecast

Lolita, just like any other fashion, has trends and fads that come and go with each season. For example, one season harlequin prints and cardsuits may be popular, and one season, sleek blunt bangs with hard brimmed bonnets may be popular. 

With that in mind, this week's Lolita Blog Carnival Topic was, "What would you like to see in Spring Lolita Fashion?" After a winter of prints and styles I didn't especially care for, here are some trends I'm hoping we'll see in the coming months as the weather warms up.

1."Ballerina" style - Solid, pale colours, long tulle skirts and ballerina shoes seem lovely for Spring. In the past brands like Metamorphose have released "ballerina" style dresses, with simple and clean details like embroidery and ribbon sashes. Emily Temple Cute has also put out Ballerina style shoes, which can easily be confused for the real thing. 

Emily Temple Cute stock photo

2. "Le Petit Trianon" style- Just as Marie Antoinette turned from the court of Versailles to the quiet countryside, I'd love to see Lolita turn to more natural and simple styles. I think of ivory and cream textiles with texture, simple fabrics and natural elements. I like the idea of daisy chains being worn with loose curls, and an airy dress worthy of Marie Antoinette in Le Petit Trianon.

Atelier Pierrot stock photo

A Marie Antoinette inspired piece by Candy Violet.
 3. Butterflies- Though one of my favourite motifs, I rarely see butterflies in Lolita. And when I do, they're sort of plain! I'd love for butterflies to take off in Lolita spring wardrobes, on hair clips, jewelry, lace appliques and focal points of prints. 

Innocent World stock photo
Butterflies as a hair accessory- source

5. "Vintage" style- I think Lolita is adorable when it takes inspiration not just from the distant past, but the more recent "retro" past. Outfits with toned down lace or no lace at all, Bowling-shaped bags, casual cutsews, polkadots, and slightly "kitschy" things like strawberries in prints. This trend is also perfect with polkadots, leopard print details, and wired handkerchief headbands instead of headbows.

Coordinate blog source

Those are just a few trends I'd like to see surface in Lolita eventually. Since summer is usually overwhelmed with nautical sailor styles and bright prints, I think these more toned-down looks are perfect for Spring, the mild temperatures and freshly blooming fauna.

What do other Loli fashion forecasters predict, let's take a look under the Lolita Blog Carnival Big Top once again!

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