Event Recap: VKei Dark Castle "Court of Hearts"

Hey everyone! Last night was our second Visual Kei Dark Castle, a bi-monthly event celebrating Visual Kei Music and style, as well as J-fashion. Each Dark Castle we have a special theme, performances, contests and usually, custom drinks.

Last night's theme was "Court of Hearts", an homage to the Red Queen of Alice in Wonderland. We wanted to do something with an Alice theme, but with a darker, more gothic twist, so we thought the Court of the Red Queen would be perfect. This time we had a performance by Yu x Me Maid Cafe, who made their own custom "Queen of Hearts" Ero Lolita outfits, complete with cepters and fake falmingos. We also had a Wonderland themed Lolita fashion show.

Photo courtesy of Eric at Nonstop Honolulu
 Nephilim Halls was there, hooking us up with mics, sound and video equipment to make the show possible. As always we played videos on a large scale with a projector, to showcase the music videos, their art and the elaborate costumes. We also had a visit from our friend DJ Nocturna, who has been helping us promote our event, and interviewed me on her KTUH radio show last night.

Our friend Eric from Nonstop Honolulu took some awesome photos here, as well as Peter and Tracy for Nephilim Halls here.

At the end of the night we gave away prize packs for the best Male and Female outfit, and two runners up. Alice and I decorated the prize bags, which included snacks, stationery from Hakubundo and accessories. The runners up won candy and "Jrock" buttons from Basique Threads

My theme for the night was "Pierrot Mad Hatter". I was really inspired by Shiro-nuri style, one of my latest obsessions. This post of Uri on Japanese Streets really inspired me, I loved the style! Though I was skeptical, white makeup can really transform a person. The trick is making sure you're completely covered, with a scarf or gloves for example. This helps keep up the illusion. 

Our next event is Kawaiikon, this Friday the 15th in the Main Events hall, 11 PM to 12 AM. There, we'll briefly introduce Visual Kei, then get to the most important part... rocking out!

After, you can head on over to the Gibson Ball at SoHo for the after party... it's only $5 with your Kawaiikon pass! The Gibson Ball is a Cyberpunk Ball to celebrate all things futuristically fantasy...

"The Gibson Ball is named as a tribute to renowned sci-fi author William F. Gibson (“Neuromancer,” “The Difference Engine,” The Bridge Trilogy) who defined and ignited the cyberpunk and steampunk genres, and held just before the great man’s birthday, on Kawaii Kon weekend.

Gibson influenced and inspired many cyberpunk and postcyberpunk writers such as Cory Doctorow, and throughout his career has “determined the way people thought and talked” to an extent unprecedented in science fiction literature.
"- Nephilim Halls

Aside from that, Alice and I are all ready busy planning for our next VKDC, slated for May. We've all ready chosen our next theme and are super excited to get the ball rolling!

Now, on a personal note I'm exhausted in the best possible way. xD But I am getting super anxious about modelling in the MINT NeKO fashion show this weekend! The fitting is also this Thursday on my birthday. Hopefully I'll have a little bit of birthday luck and will get to meet MINT? That would be so awesome!!

Last but not least, thank you for the questions I got from the last post. I'm going to work on answering and posting them soon. ^^

Till next time darlings! I hope to see you at these upcoming events, whether you're local or just happen to be visiting our cool little community in Hawaii. Aloha!

xoxo, Cherie

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