LBC: Animal Themed Lolita Coord

Hello again darlings, and welcome back to the ongoing Lolita Blog circle project, Lolita Blog Carnival! This week, the theme was "Pick an animal and create an outfit around it". 

I chose one of my favourite animals... or, I guess they are technically insects.

Butterflies, yaaay! 

I like butterflies because they're very fragile, delicate and beautiful. Those are all of the things that come to mind when I think of Lolita. 

Yet some butterflies, such as the Blue Morpho, have a darker side to them... for example, when the larva hatches from the egg it becomes survival of the fittest, since the mother abandons her eggs. Sometimes your brothers or sisters will eat you before you even hatch! Also, the Blue Morpho is known for living on the liquids of decomposing animals, as well as the nectar of fruits. In this stronger, almost sinister side of the fragile butterfly, I see the dark beauty of gothic lolita. 

And so, to me, butterflies are a good metaphor for the Lolita. Their complexity and range of species make them my favourite "animal". 

My theme was to go with something yellow, for Spring time, with daises and lilies tied in for Easter. However, all of my clothing is dark, so I ended up using tulle as a scarf over a white blouse, and focused on my makeup instead. My makeup was heavily influenced by the artist Minori. (I've been looking into a lot of angura kei and shironuri styles lately.) 

It came out very ethereal, and I felt like a fairy!

However, the theme for this week was to show off a complete coordinate, so I'd like to share an older outfit which was also centred around butterflies. For this outfit, I wore old school black and white lolita, with black and grey butterflies in my hair.

The following photos are courtesy of my friend Gina. 
They were taken at an old historic post office in Honolulu.

And well, as you can see from the contrast on outfits, butterflies are really complex creatures. They inspire me in Lolita fashion, so it felt natural for me to share these coordinates for this week's theme. Thank you for looking, and I hope that you enjoyed! 

Now, let's check out what other Lolitas used for their outfits this week! Click the links through to some of my fellow Lolita bloggers to see...

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