Wardrobe Post 2013

Hello Darlings! One of the popular topics for the beginning of the year is sharing your Lolita wardrobe with others. It's a chance for bloggers to show off some of their rare items, their favourite pieces, or even things that they made themselves.

This year has been crazy for me so far, so I haven't really had the chance to build up my wardrobe nor do this meme. But I will say that my style has changed a lot from last year, when I last did this! I shifted from prints that were all over the place to mostly black and jewel tones. In the past year I also discovered my love for uniform and military styles. 

Rather than just buying lolita constantly to keep up with trends, I've really slowed down, and only buy things that I absolutely love, and if I can wear them several ways. I'm proud of my collection; I really think it's me! And isn't that how your wardrobe should be?

Without further ado, I'd like to share the main pieces of my lolita wardrobe.

 "Little Witch" set, Alice and the Pirates. I just got this in a trade, and I really love it! I am a fan of all black pieces because they can be worn so many ways. I recently wore this out with a sheer black blouse, harlequin tights and my black velvet Bordello boots. Plus, this set included a matching headbow which I can wear with other outfits! The bodice bow is detachable, so you can move it wherever you want, or add it to a purse or a beret.

 "Unlock Pandora's Memories" set, Alice and the Pirates. I love the ruby/magenta colour of this one! The cut of the bodice is actually flattering on my shape, so I feel pretty wearing it too. (*´▽`*)There is a cute detachable chain at the bust, and a little silver key charm on the matching mini hat.

I think one of my favourite memories is twinning with my friend in this set. She has the same set in the same colour, so we looked like dolls wearing it out together!

 "St. Helena" Jsk, Alice and the Pirates. I love the military style and simplicity of this one. One day, I want the matching cape!

"Nautical" Jsk, Putumayo. My relationship with this dress started on a rainy day in the Nagoya Putumayo store...

Truth be told I had a bit of a girl crush on the shop girl who was helping me... she was new, with short mint green hair and blue contacts. We had been browsing the store and talking about our shared love for the model Akira-sama, when she pulled this jumperskirt off the rack and said I should try it on. When I came out of the curtained dressing room, she squealed and said, "Neechan, that is so cute on you!"

After that, I just had to buy it. The shopgirl made me feel so special, as if the dress was made for me to wear it. And you know what, I think she was right! This is one of my facourite dresses to date. 

"My Little Red Riding Hood" Jsk, Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

This one was on my wishlist for a long time, ever since I saw it in Japan! The watercolour illustration of the border print reminded me of books my mom used to read to me. Alas, the dress sold out in red first, and it was impossible to find second-hand.  Finally, one day many months after its release, my friend messaged me to say it was on Closet Child! She helped me reserve it until I could pay for it, and soon after, it became mine.

 It is the sweetest thing I own, but I don't even mind. With the jewel tones, keys in the print, and one of my favourite fairy tales all over it, it's perfect for me. One day I hope to find the cape and matching jewelry as well!

"Missing Letter, Key and Rabbit" Jsk, Baroque. This was the first time I had ever reserved a dress set months in advance, because I fell in love with the print and colours. It arrived just in time for Christmas, so I could wear it to tea with my mom before I went back to school.

I think the cut and frill are adorable, and the golds, caramels and jewel tones compliment eachother so well. 

 "Eden" Jsk, Atelier Pierrot. I was lucky enough to find this when Atelier Pierrot came to HEXXP-con. I had been searching high and low for this dress, but it was sold out in green on the website, through overseas retailers and on auction sites. I couldn't believe the designer had one for sale when she came to Hawaii! I bought it as soon as the booth opened, and wore it around the convention all day. I am also proud to say I bought it directly from the designer, and I can't say that for any of my other pieces!!

It is shown here with a corsage/canotier designed by my friend Alice Demize. 

The print is so intricate and beautiful... 

And well, there you have the main show pieces in my collection. The rest of my wardrobe is berets, jewelry, boots and bags and such, but I don't think those are as interesting, and they don't all have stories like these. That is one of the best things about lolita, is the stories and experiences attached to your outfits!

I hope you enjoyed looking in my closet, and who knows how it will grow and change by next year!

xoxo, Cherie

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