Upcoming Dark Castle: "Court of Hearts"

Hello Darlings! Are you sitting down on your computer thrones? Because I have some incredible news for you!

It's been a couple months since two friends and I decided to start a Visual Kei event in Hawaii, called "Visual Kei Dark Castle". Honestly, we weren't expecting much turn out or attention, we just did it for fun without a plan. We didn't even have a budget, just used decorations and equipment we had and played it by ear.

But since our first event was such a success, the event is growing bigger and faster than we ever expected!

First we got Nephilim Halls Productions behind us to produce the event. They are well known in Honolulu for feeding the darker and alternative music scenes. They also put on fantastic events, like the upcoming "KINK" at SoHo, or concerts such as the recent Assemblage 23 show. When they offered to take us on I was floored! I am also really excited, because I think their typical audience and the Vkei one will mix and mingle well. I can hardly wait to see the scene grow and evolve as fans cross over.

Shortly after, Kawaiikon (Hawaii's largest anime convention) came and asked us if we'd like a slot in their program! Now, we have the Main Event Hall to ourselves on Friday Night (March 15th) from 11PM-12AM. It will be a great opportunity to introduce Vkei to new fans and get the word out about our event.

Most importantly, our next Visual Kei Dark Castle has been booked and confirmed! Check out our new flyer, courtesy of Obsidian, one of the creative minds at Nephilim Halls:

Fun fact: The model is one of VKDC's co-founders, my friend Alice Demize.

As you can see, we have a lot more to offer than our first event! Here is our official Press Release from Nephilim Halls:

"Visual Kei Dark Castle is a dance party focused around Japanese visual rock, where the music is just as intense as the fashions. This dance party transcends music and takes it to the big screen, with heart-thumping music videos featuring some of the biggest names in the genre known as Visual Kei. Whether you're a hardcore fan, know J-rock through anime songs or are Vkei curious, come and feast your eyes and ears with us at Visual Kei Dark Castle: Court of Hearts, at Loft Gallery and Lounge on Saturday, March 9 from 9 p.m.-2 a.m.

This time, we invite you to join us in the "Court of Hearts", an event inspired by “Alice in Wonderland” and the court of the Red Queen, the Queen of Hearts. Add a Wonderland twist to your outfit and come dressed to impress! The most dapper lad and elegant lass will win some prizes and be crowned the new Red King and Red Queen.

In addition to the Visual Kei music (projected on the big screen), this Dark Castle will feature a Lolita and Kodona fashion show fit for a queen, and a performance from Hawaii's own Yu x Me Maid Cafe that will be to die for. Plus, custom drinks fit for a Mad Tea Party will be served at the bar!

Cover for this event is $15 for 18+ and $10 for 21+.

For more information, visit www.NephilimHalls.com or “like” Visual Kei Dark Castle on Facebook."

To those in Hawaii, I really hope to see you out here for some of these events in the future! Or, if you happen to be planning a trip to paradise anyway, why not plan it around the same time as a Dark Castle event? We'd love to show you our awesome fashions and subcultures here in Hawaii, and personally I'd love to see the Visual Kei scene grow even more.

 There is still a lot of work ahead of us, but a lot of merry making too! I have so many ideas for future events, and it may even be the first steps to realizing my ream... opening a Lolita Cafe. 

It's corny as hell, but Dream on Darlings!

xoxo, Cherie

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