Little Red

It's been a while since I've gotten to dress up in Lolita... the last time I did so was probably a month ago at least, when my mom took me the Victorian Rose Tea Room in Washington.  I heard it's owned by a famous romance novelist who hails from the area. It was fun spending quality time with my mom, especially since I'm never home these days, but at the same time it's a little weird dressing up in Lolita alone. 

But yesterday, I got to dress up to carry on a Valentine's Day tradition. Each year my friends Aileen, Gina and I get together with Angel for a themed Valentine shoot. This year I got to wear my new Little Red Riding hood Jsk, from Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

The shoot involved so many sweets! Angel got us macarons, my weakness, from La Tour Cafe. I wasn't exactly complaining when I "had" to eat two for the shoot! As the wind from the ocean warmed the chocolates and cupcakes, the air swelled with the scent of sugar and strawberries. 

Don't be fooled by the tempting sweets though... the shoot has a surprising dark twist!

Hopefully photos will be up by Valentine's Day, as usual. Do you have any Lolita traditions you do with your friends? Or are you planning anything fun for Valentine's Day? 

xoxo, Cherie

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