An ode to red and black

As you can see in my new profile picture, I've been enjoying a new pair of vibrant red Listen Flavor boots. 

I wanted them since my arrival in Nagoya last September, but couldn't bring myself to pay about 10,000 yen for them. Finally, Skunk (one of my favourite stores in Oosu, I'll have to write about them one day) had them on sale for about $30. 

I thought these boots were perfect for me and my style, because they have everything I love... Red, black, and leopard print!

Whether it's in lolita or casual style, red is my favourite colour to wear. Whether it's tied in with lipstick, a beret or shoes, it makes me pause on a photo or a magazine page. It contrasts so nicely with black, white or leopard print, it's a match made in heaven. 

And so, I've been saving photos of my favourite red and black outfits from Tumblr, to create a sort-of inspiration post. Read more under the jump-cut!

The metal accents on his jumper pull out his matching silver accessories. I also love the oversized sweater, contrasting with slim black-stockinged legs and boots. Pairing red with blacks or neutrals helps take the edge off. It also makes it look effortlessly cool, like "This old thing? I just threw it on." 

The red muffler with red socks keeps the look balanced. As crazy as this sounds, I love leopard print with red, because it almost acts as a neutral. 

I bit of red in your hair looks great with a monochrome outfit. It brightens her face and makes her lipstick pop. 

Red print on an otherwise all-black outfit is a great contrast. I like how he tied in the white of the teeth with his bright silver necklace. 

I don't know what it is about mufflers/scarves, I like how they look. Everyone so far has been wearing one... 

Except this guy. But his oversized necklace balances out the proportion of his baggy jacket. With those slim-fit jeans this could have been a very clean-cut or even effeminate look, but the oversized bag, jacket, rings and accessories add mass and make him look aggressive. Effortlessly. 

Again, red paired with a neutral like this dark brown makes it look expensive and vintage. Not to mention, I love her sleek bob. 

Even with lolita, I love all-red coordinates. I like how this look is balanced with nude tights, black shoes and white accents. Also, the shade of red is a bit more muted, giving the outfit a classic feel. 

I'm not usually into revealing outfits, but I love the play on layering here, and the use of translucent fabric to exaggerate each layer. Though the look is fresh and sexy, it's actually not -that- revealing. 

Takeru, the frontman of SuG and famous model of Kera, caught in a more candid moment. I prefer this laid-back and comfortable style, with red slouchy boots and jeans just a shade lighter. With the gray top and drapy black parka, it's perfect. 

Last but not least, another lolita look. This one is a bit different, because of the varying shades of red. Together it looks like a children's book illustration, and I like that sense of whimsy. Also, with the black fork-and-spoon print, broaches and hat to match, it calms the look down, so the reds aren't as harsh. 

Even if you hated all of those outfits, here is something you're sure to like...

Red, "black" and white strawberries, courtesy of my mom. 

Till next time!


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