(Overdue) Outfit Post~!

Hey Darlings!

I can't believe that my study abroad ends in one week. It feels like it can't really end... I can't wrap my mind around going home! But I still have to scrub my apartment floor to ceiling for inspection this weekend. I wanted a break from that nonsense, so started to go through my photos again.

Then I realised, even though this is sort of my "Lolita" blog, I never post my outfits. The truth is, I'm really shy and hate taking photos. I never post to communities and try to avoid the spotlight... ^^;

But, I just got some Purikura scans from my friend, so what the heck? Here are a few of my favourite outfits from the past year, some from really fun outings. 

This was around the start of Spring semester, and Nagoya was still freezing! My friend and I braved the frigid wind to twin in Angelic Pretty's Honey Cake series. This was the day we visited the "Kuma Cafe", a cafe all about Teddy Bears.

This is from around last Christmas. NUFS organised a field trip to the Linear Motor Museum, a museum all about trains. We got to explore old rail cars, play with displays, and eat eki bento.

Naturally, I wore Metamorphose's "Romantica Train" JSK. Unfortunately I forgot my camera on that day, so these were taken with my cellphone!

These are some of my favourites. My friend and I dressed in old-school/aristocratic outfits, sticking to a black and white colour scheme. I wore an older Metamorphose Jsk I found at a second-hand shoppe.

I also wore this butterfly, cross and chain ring by Ozz-On. It's so ridiculous and lovely, but it's kind of impractical, so I rarely get to show it off. 

About our hair... My friend loves Miku from Vocaloid, and I love Luka... we were both excited for an upcoming cosplay event, so decided to try out our Vocaloid wigs!

(Ironically, our plan was to visit a Butler Cafe called "Imperial Rose" that day, but it was closed for a different cosplay event.) 

... I'm not sure when this was. But I'm glad I didn't get a full outfit shot, I have no idea WHY I was wearing so many bright colours! xD

I don't think this is the most flattering picture, but I love this new Putumayo JSK. I just got it at the shop, and wore it to class one day...

(Can you tell, I really love those red Metamorphose shoes.)

And my most recent outing was yesterday! My friend and I were choco-twins, both wearing the Chocolate Chess bustier JSK in mint. 

As you can see we wear lolita together often, but yesterday people wouldn't stop ogling us! People even kept walking into things! xD Lots of people took their picture with us too, which I don't mind... but it's the weirdos video taping us on their phones as they walk by that bother me. :"| You really have to watch out. 

And afterwards, we got matching chocolate pancakes at one of our favourite cafes.

And well, now you can't say I never post outfits. xD Maybe I'll do this once a year or something. 

Hope you are all doing well! And don't forget, there are three days left on the Taiyaki Maker give away! Good look to everyone who has entered, and if you haven't, there's still time! 

Now, back to cleaning for me... I don't really like Cinderella, but I feel her pain now.

Till next time,


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