It's the little things...

... that make life fun. 

The really little things.

I think everyone has a 10 year old version of themselves inside of them. Mine just comes out all the time.

Usually it's in the form of a 10-year old boy. But sometimes, my inner wanna-be princess makes an appearance. Especially the other day, when I found a Madoka Magika bath ball at the store. 

You drop it in the bath, and when the ball dissolves, a secret charm is released.

I got Sayaka!

The bath smelled like strawberry candy. 

So, the Taiyaki Maker giveaway ends today! I'll try to announce the winner by tomorrow, so stay tuned! And thank you to everyone who entered. The few minutes you took to support my blog mean a lot to me; because of you guys I was able to reach my goal and break 100 followers! 

Let's keep the adventures coming, big and small.

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