Steal the style: Reita, The GazettE

We all have fashion icons; some of them less conventional than others.

As a Jrock fan, I love the styles worn by members of my favourite bands, especially the GazettE. But as a girl with a curvier figure (as in, curvier than Japanese men, haha), I found it hard to pull off the slim cuts, layers and low necklines sported by the members. But after a bit of searching and experimenting, I've found some options.

My first subject and fashion muse, is Reita, bassist of the GazettE.

His look has more edge than the other members, which reflects his personality, hobbies and aggressive bass line. 

(Reita comes in at about 1:40.)

When thinking about Reita's rough-and-tumble style, I thought of a store at my local mall called Buckle

It's not a typically alternative or rock-and-roll store... they carry clothing with a vintage feel, but a modern edge. It's summer right now, so a lot of their women's apparel is more brightly coloured, but I found a lot of dark, neutral and metallic items to fit Reita's image.

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Let's work from the ground-up. The first thing I think of when I think of Reita, is surprisingly, not the noseband- but a pair of sexy, masculine boots. Reita loves motorcycles, so boots not only suit him, but would be functional for riding around on his Harley.

I'm partial to cowboy boots myself, such as these:

But if you're not totally sold on the style or the price, you can find an awesome middle ground with a pair of ankle boots.

Next, we'll need a pair of darkwash jeans, or faded and distressed denim. I'd opt for a slim cut, to tuck into the boots. I especially liked this "Aquarius" pair, with the contrast stitching on the back pockets.

You've got your rockstar boots and designer quality jeans to look fabulous, so what else would Reita grab to top it off, than a totally second-thought vintage tee shirt? The key to Reita's style, after all, is that  he never looks stuffy or polished.

I liked this top, for the neutral charcoal colour and monochrome, abstract print:

Or this one for the low v-neck and contrasting red print. The studs are a cool detail as well.

To top off your comfortable graphic tee, you'll need a sharp jacket. If you're brave, you could go for a bulkier, more masculine jacket. A metallic finish will brighten up your darkwash denim and neutral tee.

Or if you're more for something softer, I found this chiffon detailed motorcycle jacket, which would also be comfortable in summer weather. I like the lace print detailing on the front as well, and how it's paired with a tank top the same bronze as the zippers. 

If there's one thing that screams GazettE, it's layered necklaces... lots of them. The best part about this is you can bring in your own style and taste, or choose symbols that represent you, like birds, crosses, keys or stars. You really can't go wrong. Buckle has a few necklace sets ready to go, like this one:

Reita has also designed several ring sets, with Japanese jewelers such as DEAL DESIGN.

You don't have to buy designer jewelry to fake the look, with a ring set fit for a rock star.

As for hair, Reita sports a blonde or dirty blonde mohawk most of the time, but not all of us are so brave. No matter what your hair colour, length, or texture, this look would be great with loose waves, the bedhead look, or anything effortless. You could even try some hair accessories, such as these feather clips, which seem to be all the rage.

Or, if you sport a hippie headband, I'm sure Reita would approve. He wore quite a few in the "Red" PV.

Personally belts have never been my thing, but Reita sometimes shows off his waistline with blingy buckles. If you're brave enough to pull on more snakeskin and rhinestones, Buckle can buckle you in with belts like this.

This is definitely a look I'll be wearing, especially as we transition into cooler autumn weather. I just picked up the perfect pair of cowgirl boots to start off the other day. They are Steve Madden, and were pretty affordable for the quality at $50. I chose a natural medium brown colour, that can match lots of things from jeans to sundresses.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I'd like to write more in the future!

Till next time, Cherie

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