Things to Brave a Typhoon for

I'm actually pretty excited to write this entry, because I rarely get to talk about my interest in Visual Kei. It tends to take a back seat to Lolita.

I know I have too many 'collections', and one of them is band discographies; specifically for Dir en grey and the GazettE. I have a big chunk of Dir en grey, missing only singles and some DVDs, so I get really excited when I find a missing piece. My GazettE collection is relatively puny, but since their media is newer, I don't stress too much about hunting it down.

Another typhoon is coming through Nisshin, bringing with it an onslaught of rain. I made a plan with my friend to walk to the local Book-Off this morning- I wanted to go and see the used CDs, and she wanted a new volume of manga to translate.

We left the lobby without realizing how bad the rain really was. We stepped out of our apartment building and realized the rain flooded the sidewalk up to the steps.

Did that stop us? No siree, we were all ready out of bed and dressed.

We were soaked to the bone. I felt like a giant sponge with goldfish tanks for shoes, with water sloshing around inside. Many cars went by and hit us with a wall of spray. We stopped under the cover of a 7-11 to empty our shoes, literally. The water poured right out of them.

We finally got to Book-Off, not to be disappointed. My friend found the manga she wanted and I found tons of great CDs and DVDs. I all ready had most of their Dir en grey selection, but found "Jealous" tucked on the shelf too, one of their oldest singles. They also had their Gauze DVD, but it was almost 6,000 yen, so I decided to pass.

Moving down the aisle, I found The GazettE. They had many Limited edition sets of DIM and Stacked Rubbish, but since those are newer releases (and there were many multiples) I didn't jump for them. Instead I went for an old single, and "Film Bug II", a compilation of some of my favorite PVs. Everything was about 900-1,000 yen each piece, a fraction of the sticker price for mint condition stuff.

Upstairs from Book-Off is a store called B-Life, something I can only describe as a "Japanese Goodwill".

Readers in the states probably know Goodwill well; it's a chain of thrift stores, usually the butt of jokes, but none the less a store I was raised on. They have used clothing, usually out of date, but sometimes you strike gold and find something awesome.

Admittedly, B-life is like Goodwill with added perks. For example, they have a "Burando" section where pieces from Liz Lisa, Jill Stuart, Hysteric Glamor and others were sold.

The rest of the store had housewares, tops for 200 yen, you get the idea. 

I found a Union Jack blouse with an asymmetrical collar for 200 yen. It was perfect, because ever since I saw Kyo's Ba-tsu tie in Violet Blue, I had been wishing for something to wear it with. Now I have an excuse to go back for it!

Eventually, this top would look cool with an h.Naoto skirt or Deorart pants. But in the meantime, I'll wear it with my distressed jeans tucked into some black boots. 

And yep, that was my day today. :P I hear the rain will actually get worse tonight, so I'm staying in. Maybe I'll forge an alliance with a friend who has a DVD player, and we'll have a Vkei party. 

I'm really embarrassed, it seems like I go out shopping every day. I just really want school to start all ready, because otherwise, we just sit in our rooms. Or go out and shop to pass time, like so. Or if you're like my stupid neighbors, go out and buy copious amounts of booze and keep everyone in the building up until 2 AM.

Luckily, tomorrow is supposed to be IT! The official BIG DAY, when we start language classes. THANK GACKT!

So anyway, I haven't updated the Lolita Meme in a while...

Day Fourteen
... a picture of your dream item.

A Midsummer Night's Dream, by Alice and the Pirates. Blue Morphos (the blue species of butterfly) have a lot of personal significance to me, so it's something a little more than just a pretty print.

FOR EXAMPLE! Did you know that the other side of a Blue Morpho's wings are dusty brown? It's so they blend into their environment, naturally. Then when prey attacks them, they flutter their wings, and the flash of light and color temporarily stuns them!

As soon as a Blue Morpho is born, it has to fight for its life. The mother will attach her eggs to the underside of a leaf, and then leave them to fend for themselves. The eggs must hatch into larvae and mature, before they are eaten alive by their cannibal brothers and sisters!

Mature Blue Morpho butterflies are able to adapt to their cruel environment easily. They feed on the nectars of fruit that fall to the rainforest floor, but they also drink the fluids from decomposing animals.

In summary, if I could be a type of animal, I would take the caste of 'insect' and become the Blue Morpho. They adapt in any way they can to survive, without destroying or killing everything around them. They are graceful and beautiful but clever and resilient. I find that highly admirable.

... Not to mention, the cut of this dress seems so flattering doesn't it?!

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