Lady Oscar

I'm sure we all have heroines, whether they are real people or fantasy. My heroine is Lady Oscar, from Rose of Versailles.

So when I saw Rose of Versailles stamps at the post office today, I had to get them!

Oscar Francois de Jarjeyes was a woman, raised as a man in order to succeed her father to the Royal Guard. After years of training in fencing, horseback, etcetera, she comes to serve beside Marie Antoinette. The story is much more dramatic and complicated than that, and I recommend watching it for yourself... 

Lady Oscar is selfless, perseverant, loyal and just. As her comrade Andre said, "You seem so cold, but inside you are burning with passion." 

I was thinking the other day, that it's easy to fall into a hedonistic and selfish lifestyle, much like some of the aristocrats in Rose of Versailles. The noble women become so deluded by jewels and fine dresses that they literally lie, scheme and kill their peers to attain more wealth and status.

But I'd rather be like Lady Oscar, and keep myself grounded, so I can focus on things that are truly important... like the future, truth, and fairness.

I want to be a strong heroine like Oscar.

But it'd be nice to have Marie Antoinette's looks too. 

So in a hedonistic moment, I bought "Heroine" mascara by the Japanese brand Kiss-Me, which features characters from Rose of Versailles on the packaging. 

They sell several types of mascara and eyeliner, in bold black and soft brown.

 I tried this "long curl" mascara, and it is good stuff! It defines all my lashes without making them clumpy. But be warned, once it's on, it's staying on! Even a warm wash cloth won't get it all off, you'll need to use makeup remover wipes. 

The good news is, you can cry while watching Rose of Versailles, and your mascara won't run. 

Thanks to my readers who wished me well in my last post! As it turns out, my ankle was sprained, but no bones were broken. It feels much better all ready! 

By the way, for an 'Emergency Room' visit, X-ray, rigid support and ointment to help the pain, the cost was only 4,000 yen in cash. And I was out in an hour! I love the medical system!

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