First day of School!

Today was the day! Officially our first day of 'school' at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies. 

Of course it is just orientation this week. We spent almost three hours filling out forms today, such as Alien Registration. In the end we got a lot of useful information though, and had a super fun tour led by Japanese students.

The NUFS Campus is lovely, isn't it? I love how many trees there are, mixed with the hip design of the buildings. There is even a bus stop on campus, and more conbini stores than I can count. All in all, it is a very welcoming and comfortable campus! And with all the stairs and hills, you certainly get your work out.

I even saw a lolita during the campus tour! She was brave to wear it out in this humid, sticky weather. I was really surprised- she was wearing Angelic Pretty's Pastel Dot Ala Mode Jsk in black, from 2006! That one is pretty rare, isn't it?

I don't feel ready to wear lolita out and about yet, at least not until the weather cools off. I am not used to Nagoya humidity just yet...

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