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Hello Darlings!

It's been many moons since I last participated in the Lolita circle project, "Lolita Blog Carnival". As I'm sure many of you are aware now, LBC is a webring project in which each week, a Lolita related prompt is given, and we have until Friday of that week to post our response. We also link to other Lolitas at the end of the post, so that we can check out eachother's blogs, and maybe discover new favourites!

This week's theme was "One Main Piece, Four Seasons". It sounded like an interesting challenge for me, since I just came from Hawaii, where there is ONE season, and moved to Maryland, where I have already experienced several seasons in full force- in the span of two months.

For this challenge, I decided to use my new favourite Jsk, "Charlotte Baniran" by BTSSB.

Simple though it may be, it took me forever to hunt down this beauty, especially in this rich red colourway. It quickly shot to the top of my list for this challenge, for it's versatility. It is not only versatile in cut, but the weight of the fabric is good for many seasons as well, and as I learned, it can adapt to many different colours!

Without further ado...


Being a hopeless romantic, Valentine's Day is one of my favourite holidays, and that was the driving force behind this coord. I chose pieces with brisk Spring weather in mind, selecting thicker pink socks, and a rose-detailed bolero for extra warmth. 

Bonus points: Apparently here in the Maryland/DC area, there is a Cherry Blossom Festival each spring. Perhaps with a thicker pink jacket, this would be a great outfit to wear. 


Being from Hawaii, when I think "Summer" I think hot, humid, and sticky. That being said, I wanted to create a coord that I could survive in outside- just long enough to walk to an air conditioned tea room, library, or interesting museum, haha. 

I selected a light weight heart-detailed bolero, seasonally appropriate straw hat and purse, and short bloomers- since chances are, I wouldnt be wearing tall, thick socks or tights with this coord, but rather, shorter ankle socks. But Polyvore did not have a good sampling of ankle socks, so voila, you have standard white OTKs from Baby thrown in. Perhaps I'll slip them on upon arriving at my air conditioned paradise destination.


Autumn is my favourite of all the seasons- not too hot, not too cold, a time for comfy sweaters and warm drinks, gorgeous colours painting the leaves outside... those colours and feelings were the inspiration behind this coord with plenty of chocolate brown. I would wear this to a cozy cafe with friends or for leaf... gazing (?) outside.


Not going to lie, I am not a huge fan of winter, and maybe that's why this set was difficult for me. It feels plainer than the others, but then again, it does have a touch of an oldschool sweet Lolita aesthetic with the demure accessories, knitted turtleneck and hime-inspired details. I would also try coording this with black boots, purses and longer jackets for winter.

Well, wasn't that fun! Do you all have a favourite season, for Lolita or otherwise? How would you style yourself for each season? Feel free to write me in the comments!

One reason I liked this challenge, is that it helped me plan for my Lolita wardrobe goal of this year, to flesh out my wardrobe staples (such as boleros, socks, shoes, and accessories) rather than just main pieces. Though I own about half of the "extras" I used in these sets, it was good to see a bunch of sample stock photos, and help plan what I'd actually like to save for this year! It was a good exercise in seeing all the things that could work with the pieces I have already, instead of always looking for the next new dress. 

All sets were created using Polyvore. For more sets please see my profile.

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