365 Lifestyle Lolita Challenge

One thing I've seen a lot of buzz about in the Lolita circle is Lace a la Mode's "365 Lifestyle Lolita" Challenge.

Since one of my goals was to be more active in blogging about Lolita and Lolita prompts, I wanted to give it a try. Of course, I am also pretty busy, and can't always blog every day, so I decided to pick and choose a few that stood out to me.

As I said in my previous post, I would like very much to improve my wardrobe this year. For the longest time I focused on collecting main pieces, such as OPs and JSKs. However my blouses, accessories, legwear, and bag collection are severely lacking, or worse, non-existent.

In the late part of 2015, I got to travel and meet many different Lolitas in the San Antonio, TX comm as well as here in my new home, Maryland. While hanging out with new friends at their homes, I got to see a couple of closets, and was greatly inspired by them. Though the girls of course had different tastes and preferences, the way their closets were assembled was amazing! They had organizers for their bows and headgear, cute hanging organizers for shoes, many different tops and boleros, adorable methods of hanging and organizing jewelry, and of course purses and parasols in many different hues.

Closet Goals! Source: Parfait Doll

It made me think of my own Lolita collection, abused and balled up in my suitcase. Even back in my old house, I did hang my Lolita fashion in it's own closet, but I would be ashamed to show it to anyone who came over.

So with this in mind, here are my goals for my wardrobe:

  • Create an imaginative, organized and calming space to store my Lolita collection
  • Build/decorate my sewing room around that theme to create a safe place for my hobbies
  • Expand my wardrobe by investing in less OPs/JSKs, and more purses, accessories, bags, etc. I believe by doing this, I will improve the versatility of what I already have, and I will not always feel like I have to buy new dresses.

This prompt is actually quite useful for me, since I just moved here! I was excited to find quite a few museums in my area that are relevant to my interests, and would be great for hosting a meet-up.

The B&O Railroad Museum- It is said Edgar Allan Poe himself used to catch the train here, to go visit his friends in nearby cities! Plus I love trains; especially the nostalgic feel of railroads.

Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum- one of Edgar Allan Poe's homes, where he penned a couple of eerie short stories and poems. 

Geppi's Entertainment Museum- an establishment housing retro comic books and more regarding American Pop Culture History. Since comics and "nerd" culture sometimes overlap with Lolita interests, I think this would be a fun place to visit with people who share a mutual love for comics. 

And of course, the area I am in boasts multiple historical sites, such as the house where the American Flag was sewn, many small colonial historical towns, and we are very close to Washington DC and the Smithsonian Institutions. I think there will be many interesting and unique places to visit, here!

I am the sort of person who almost never uses my real hair in Lolita- I usually wear wigs, from my favourite brands such as Lockshop and Dreamholic. However, it would be nice to learn an easy style to do with my real hair.

So I set out on a search, to find something low-maintenance, super-cute, and easy to use for my Lolita aesthetic. That's when I saw this adorable mini-bun look, with a chunky bang.

So cute! And it can be accessorized-up with either small bows in each bun, or they could probably fit behind a full headbow. Maybe even pom pom hair ties would be cute on each bun!

I found a pretty straight-forward and easy to follow tutorial here, from Violet LeBeaux

Are you going to do the #365LLC? Will you update it diligently every day, or just in your free time?

I look forward to reading everyone's posts!

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