Joining the Cult

I'm not sure who said "When in Rome, do as the Romans", but I'm sure they'd say the same thing about being in Japan. Here, when a trend catches on, it saturates every store and walks around on every person. 

To be honest, I'm not a fan of the 'look' right now, if you can call it a look. The staple pieces are sheer blouses with polkadots or prints, oxford shoes, berets, opaque tights in vegetable hues and bow ties.

Though the library frump fest didn't appeal to my palette, the more I see it parading around on the members of the department store fashion cult, the more it grows on me. Though I wasn't ready to dive feet-first into a pair of mustard argyle socks, I thought I'd take a crack at something more subtle.

I fished this generic polka dotted dress off a rack at a local department store, similar to so many others I had seen around before. The price tag wasn't bad, just over 1,500 yen including the belt. 

I wandered over to the tights and selected a lovely carrot hue to match, for only 280 yen. The beret was a score from Ohsu in a 300 yen shop.

Since the waist is elasticated, it creates a nice hourglass shape instead of a bag lady silhouette. The hemline is short and fluttery, a nice distinction from so many grannies who have donned pearl buttons in the past.

 You don't have to go overboard with new trends; it's okay to try new things and bring in your own taste. 

For example, the typical ensemble on my campus would be a rust colored dress with beige polkadots, a black ribbon bow tie, mustard yellow tights and brown boots. Those colors are closer to the 70s than I ever wanted to be, which is why I opted for a solid black dress, and chose one pop of color to emphasize. 

Are there any new trends where you're from, that you're waiting to try?

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