How to Halloween

October is my favorite month of the year- ideal weather, the gradation of scenery into deeper hues, Halloween tack in abundance.

Some families claim the right to hosting Christmas parties, or Thanksgiving Dinner, but in our household, we own the Halloween Party.

My father is a self-proclaimed Pumpkin Master, and never ceases to impress with hand-drawn stencils and things you never thought you could do with a gourd. My mom has hand-made costumes for the whole family since I was born.

Or as my Dad has said in less words, "We're Halloweiners!"

This is the first year I've been away from my family on my favorite holiday. I wasn't expecting much Halloween festivity here in Japan, but much to my pleasant surprise, I'm being proved wrong.

The hyaku en stores are stuffed with capes, witches hats and home decor; the lolita shops in the Nova building have decorated for the occasion. I pass by restaurants on the street and see orange pumpkins on the registers, or along side the plastic display food.

In Apita, the local department store, a frightening favorite rattles on in the background.

And down stairs, a display that will make any little girl scream (with delight).

Even the karaoke place is getting in the spirit. At Shidax, they have Halloween themed dishes, including Pumpkin Pasta (with kabocha, what you can call Japanese pumpkin.)

I wasted no time getting my ghoul on. As soon as October first came around...

To top it all off, San-X celebrity Rilakkuma and his posse have teamed up with Lawson conbini marts this month, with a slew of adorable bear goods. The other night I ran in to pay my electric bill, and couldn't resist this "Strawberry Yogurt Dessert".

It was more like creamy strawberry jello with strawberry puree at the bottom. I just wanted the mug anyway, so I am satisfied.

Till next time,

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