Counting Down

Working seven days a week is starting to take its toll, but I know that it will pay off when I am in Japan. It is officially eight days until I leave now!

I think it is easier than ever to study abroad now. Don't take that the wrong way, I don't mean to make light of it- going to a foreign country to study is one of the most exciting and frightening experiences of my life. But at least in the virtual age of social networking, Youtube, and blogs, I've been able to learn a lot about where I'll be living before I set foot on the plane.

I found a Youtube channel documenting the stay of two students at my University. They had everything from campus tours, to apartment tours. So now, I all ready have a good idea of the size of my apartment, how to walk to school, and what people have in their apartments.

Did I mention how excited I am? I've never had my own little apartment before. ♥

Now, I just have to finish packing, and get on the plane. I made a packing list and estimated monthly budget today, in order to prepare.

My Melty Mermaid Princess and British Bear Jsks came in the mail.

I love how casual the British Bear Jsk can be. I would definitely wear this outfit for a sight-seeing field trip or something (but maybe with boots, which are more walking-friendly).

Melty Mermaid Princess is as lovely as I expected. My mom even told me that she preferred this print to others I've had. Right now, I don't really have an assembled coordinate. However, I can hardly wait to build one! I am thinking it will look lovely with a pure white chiffon blouse, and a white rose veil head dress with pearls. I'm definitely thinking chiffon though; something summery and sea-foamy.

Now, how about a little bit of catch-up...

Maybe I don't mention it much here, but my absolute favorite band, no questions asked, is Dir en grey. I discovered them in high school and they have never left my heart or my iPod. However, since I move so often and I went to college on an island, I have never gotten to see them perform live.

In fact, for two years in a row, I wanted to fly to the mainland to see Diru perform, but couldn't afford the flight or class absences. My good friend in Chicago sent me a shirt every year from the show. One year, she also sent a copy of their DVD, "Average Blasphemy" signed by Die and Shinya. Another year, she called me when they started playing "Vinushka". Yes these experiences and treasures are like gold to me, but it couldn't replace the dream of seeing them live.

For the past month or so I have been scrambling, trying to get tickets to see them this time around in Japan. It's been difficult, since many pre-orders require the use of cellphones, Lawson, or tricky Yahoo auctions. Luckily, I got in touch with some wonderful people who run a Dir en grey translation site. With their assistance, I'm going to reserve a ticket for the Nagoya Zepp live in October!

When I try to think "Wow, I am going to see them live. In the flesh." I can't even begin to imagine. I can watch my concert DVDs, and try to apply that, but my nerves are numb... they can't fathom what it will feel like to stand there, when the lights go out. I think, "So many people will be pushing", but I don't care. I think even if I were crushed against a rail, I wouldn't feel it. My friends always said, "You'll probably cry when you see them." And yeah, I probably will. I don't know. When I try to prepare myself, it's a fluid vision, like some fantasy on a screen.

I was also offered a fanclub ticket to the Kyoto KBS gig. At first I was going to choose that one, but now that I try to reason it out, it doesn't make sense. I am not afraid of traveling alone by any means, but I do worry about the cost. I would need to take a few buses and trains throughout the trip, and would have to pay for food and a youth hostel too. When I searched youth hostels in the area, they are all 45 minutes away by bus, roughly. It worries me, catching a bus later at night and navigating a strange city in the dark.

On the plus side, I have always wanted to see Kyoto. But it makes more sense to go at another time, preferably with friends, and I would not have to rush and worry about the show.

If it were you, what would you do? Are you the adventurous type or the play it safe type?

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