10 style icons

Lolita Challenge!

... 10 people who inspire your lolita style.

1. Intetsu. In and out of 'lolita', I love his style. His accessories and outfit 'balance' are always spot on. Not to mention, he has amazing hair?

If you don't all ready, I recommend checking out his blog from time to time, or following his Twitter. He's a skilled photographer, and has a knack for finding the most beautiful things in every day life. He inspires me to be more optimistic.

2. MOON Kana. She's always done her own thing regardless of criticism or rejection. Not only is she a fashion icon because of her taste in clothing, but also for her original designs, which were often printed in Gothic and Lolita Bible. For quirky, unique style that works, I choose Kana.

3. Edgar Allan Poe. Just look at this suave cat. With his popping-at-the-seams waist coat and disheveled neck tie. Haha, okay, so he isn't literally my fashion icon. Rather, he is just an inspiration. 

While talking to other lolitas and reading other blogs, I noticed many people say they try to 'tell a story' with their clothing. I've always felt the same way with my own outfits, before I even discovered lolita. If I could find a voice for the stories in my closet, I'd like for them to be Poe: Haunted Romantic.

4. Niki Nohmoto, designer of Alice and the Pirates. Her designs strike the perfect balance between Gothic, Sweet, and Punk- but not really! She brings something different to the lolita table, that can only be defined as Alice and the Pirates.

Not only is her brand my favorite, but she dresses perfectly herself. This outfit, pairing striped tights with Vampire Forest, is one of my favorites!

5. Mitsu, vocalist of Dolly. Dramatic, contrasting layers, smoldering eye makeup, and spot-on accessories make him my casual style muse.

6 and 7. Dai-chan and Mikoron. (blog) Their outfits are as cute and 'pop' as Dai-chan's art! With short hemlines, thigh-highs and garters, this couple balances sex-appeal with cute.

7. Hachi, from Nana. Love her or hate her, Hachi was always my favorite. Her looks are retro, classic, and modern all at once- a mix of timeless and trendy. 

Her Sabrina dress will always be iconic to me. In the manga, she bought a vintage white dress from a store called Sabrina. The black-on-white design was remniscient of a gown Audrey Hepburn wore in the 1954 film, Sabrina. Coincidence, or inspiration?

8. Takuma. THAT SUIT! Look at that suit! That bling Vivienne Westwood buckle! Those (legit) rocking horse shoes! This is a prime example of my favorite Takuma looks. He brings a rocker's edge to anything he wears, but keeps a sophisticated flavor- a little Punk, a little Prince.

9.  Mai. (blog) She dabbles in a little bit of everything, from classic Baby pieces to the rare and controversial D. Walkalure series by Metamorphose. What really impressed me was this Angel coordinate with she wore on Halloween.

 10. Alumi-plant. (blog) Should be a poster child for S-inc. The mixed patterns, textures, and lengths are symbolic of h.Naoto, and her outfits do the brand proud. I love how her coordinates are mostly black or white, with just a suggestion of color to tie it together.

The important thing about these 'muses', whether they are bloggers, musicians, or otherwise, is that they answer to their tastes before others. People who see clothing for what it could be, not just how it is posed in a magazine. People who can imagine a world a little like our home in reality, but with something extra and ethereal. Or people who look to the past and make old things new again.

It's that creative energy that makes this fashion so exciting, and I hope there will always be fresh minds like these waiting to push the envelope.

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